Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 4: Rihanna Travels (The Bayleaf Skydeck)

I bet not every hotel was built to have a sky deck that gives a magnificent 360 degrees view of the entire city of Manila. What made it more relevant, probably is the fact that it is the capital city of the Philippines and a historic place per se. From the sky deck itself, you can also have a glimpse of the sunset which made dining in Bayleaf a more exciting experience. The what they call "Happy Hour" starts from 5:30-9:00PM everyday. So whether you are checking in on the hotel or not, you should not miss visiting this destination at the heart of Intramuros.

We already have a reservation prior to going here and the staff were kind enough to lead us to our table. But before we dine in, we took photos first. I mean, I took photos first. -_- Here are some views you can see up close when you visit The Bayleaf Skydeck View Bar.

Beautiful views, indeed, everywhere you look. They also have something like a buffet area from the left side of the entrance where you could get get food, drinks or what. The meals ranged from soups to favorite Filipino viands, vegetable and fruits. Ours were ordered though.

I don't know how it was possible but the staff also give surprises to those who celebrate their birthday at the Skydeck. You can choose from making them sing a happy birthday song to you or receive birthday cakes from them. I think it's via special request by friends or families of birthday boys/girls.

They also have live band playing during the course of the night. You can either request a song or have someone sing for you. While we're waiting for the food to be served, we watched and took photos of the sunset. I believe that two people who indulge in watching the sun set stay together forever lol.

Sunset is really beautiful from up here. Few minutes after, I can already see the beautiful city lights.

The Skydeck View Bar lits up as well and suddenly, being here felt surreal and enchanting.

We ordered what according to Adri's the best cuisine Bayleaf has to offer, their signature Bagnet. I ordered Chorizo Carbonarra while Adri got Smoked Salmon Pasta. We also had Leche Flan and Banana and Brownie Split. I liked the food except for the Leche Flan (a little tasteless for me) because it has Macapuno (too sweet) and rice flakes on top.

Smoked Salmon

Chorizo Carbonara


Banana and Brownie Split / Leche Flan

I was full by the end of the night. Buuuuuuuurp.

Really, the best part was seeing the sky with him turned from blue to amber to total darkness and what light up the city are those beautiful city lights! I'm happy to have been here for the first time with him and I'll sure be coming back. If you want to visit The Bayleaf Skydeck View Bar as well, go to Muralla corner Victoria Streets, Intramuros, Manila. For reservation, call +63 (2) 318 5000 or 328 3170 or e-mail!

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