Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Milani Minerals Loose Makeup in 01 Pure Radiance Review

Milani Minerals Loose Makeup in 01 Pure Radiance
Bought for: P100 | Original Price: Around P200-P300
Bought from: an online shop

Claims: (as per desertcart) An extraordinary *talc-free, mineral-based powder; Perfects and corrects skin to flawless perfection; Natural, non-irritating formula; Perfect for extra sensitive, rosacea and oily skin; Safe for extra sensitive and acne prone skin; Provides impeccable, flawless, airbrush finish for all skin types

Here's a quick review on Milani Minerals Loose Makeup which I bought from an online shop by the time the price dropped into half of its original retail price. I haven't read a lot about it yet and I think only few shops sell this but I still want to make a review about it. I'm giving it something it deserves.

I spotted it online before for only P150 and I was like, "Can't believe Milani sells something this affordable!" Unfortunately, the only shade available was the darkest, Tinted Radiance so I stirred away. And just recently, I saw this in the lightest shade--I know pretty much that the lightest from Milani base products are not that light and there's not pretty much a huge selection for most skin types--and thought to myself that maybe I should give this a try. In swatches, it looks pretty much close to my complexion.

Packaging: The packaging, for me, is highly unusual. It also has its counterpart in a compact packaging. I see a lot of loose powders in the market and most of them comes in small tubs but this one has tall mount and a brush which appears to me like a blush brush in size instead of a powder brush. To lengthen the size of the brush, you will have to twist the holder and twist it back to return it to the original size, otherwise, you'll not be able to lock the jar.

The product has a seal when you purchase it already but when you twist the cap open, you will see that it has additional seal that you have to remove to seal the filters. There's only a few of them and it yield both advantageous and disadvantageous results. The filters are too small so it's kinda hard to get a good amount of the loose powder but it's great for storing because there will be minimal spills, hence, less messy.

A jar has 10g of products inside. You think that's a small amount of product? Well think about how low it is priced and that a small amount is enough to mattify the skin.

Shade: The product I got is the lightest shade namely Pure Radiance. It has a peachy undertone which easily disappears after a moment. However, even I got the lightest among the four shade selection (Pure radiance, Honey Beige, radiant Tan and Tinted Radiance), I still find the shade a bit odd for my complexion. I still need a lighter shade with a neutral to warm undertone.

Scent: It smells like typical loose powders in the market, none of those awfully unbearable scents.

Texture and ease of application: This loose powders has a very soft texture and finely-milled pigments which gives an instant fresh glow on the skin. It sets easily without being flaky on creases or folds of the skin. It also gets rid of shine and makes skin look like it has a breathable layer. The loose powder leaves an ultra lightweight feeling without the patchiness.

Coverage: This product has a sheer coverage but enough to give a radiant and healthy glow. As you can see on the swatch below, it did  not totally hid all the blemishes that are still stubbornly peeking through but it instantly enhances the look of my foundation and makes my skin seem poreless and soft.

Longevity: This product makes my skin shine-free but it does not last longer than 3 hours on my super oily face, thus, redoing my makeup is necessary. I think it's already an achievement because, usually, the minimum hour my face could take before getting oily is between 30-1 hour. That speedy, yes.

Overall, I like Milani Minerals Loose Makeup because of the lightweight formulation and healthy glow it gives the skin. However, the shade selection of Milani in terms of base products will always be a downfall. I hope they come up with shades for fair skinned with warm tone girls as well. Pure Radiance looks okay on me on the swatch but it actually looks darker on me in person (and peachy). Still, I think it's worth every try, after all, a jar is so reasonably-priced, even lower on the next few days but has an impressive formulation. It also did not break me out or caused me any adverse reaction after using for few days.

So...what do you think of Milani Minerals Loose Makeup? Love it? Willing to repurchase? No? Share it down below via the comment section! Happy blogging!

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