Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33 Review

Nivea Extra White  Firming Body Serum, 200ml
Bought for: P260/both
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila

On our way to buy some empty bottles (which Adrian plans to use as a storage for his home-made pepper spray, yes, pepper spray for my protection daw!!!), I saw this deal I just can't say no to! Grabe, mga bes, ang tagal kong nag-isip if I should get these or not! You know the feeling when you don't have any source of income because you are just a fresh graduate and is unemployed? Sad. But then you have this very supportive boyfriend who seemed annoyed with me coming back and forth the Nivea aisle and so he initiated to decide for me. I ended up bringing this home, obviously.

I am the kind of girl who gets easily swayed by what's hot or what's on trend and even what's new. When Nivea released this not too long ago, right there and then, I included this product on my to-buy and to-review list, after all, it's Nivea product we're talking about. I know Nivea's conducting promotions every time, so I waited until I can grab its product at a discounted price. I know, I know, we still paid full price, but the fact that I got two instead of one, it's already a win situation. Now, I have a spare to use if I would grow to love it or give the other to friends or anyone who might be wanting it.



I spotted parabens (known to be a preservative in skin care products and a cancer-causing ingredient) on it which may be a turn-off. Nonetheless, I've been using paraben-infused products since day 1 and I'm still living so it's something that does not worry me.


The product comes in an easy to squeeze tube which I prefer over upright bottles because you won't have to tap the container a lot of times just to dispense the product. The flip cap has a seal so freshness is ensured. Unlike other lotions, the mouth where the product gets dispense from are narrower. I believe that this is to prevent the serum from oozing out accidentally.

The products essential information are printed at the tube such as the claims and descriptions, ingredients, manufacturing dates, etc.


The product has no foul odor, in fact, I like it. I do not know exactly what resembles its fragrance but it reeks of clean and fresh scent which lingers a few minutes on skin after application.


The product is opaque white in color and has a soft, creamy but runny consistency. That's probably the reason why the mouth of the tube is too narrow because if it's not, the runny formula will gravitate downwards easily. This product claims to have light and non-sticky texture that provides fast and easy absorption which I swear to be true. It does not dry as fast as other lightweight lotions I know but still fast-drying on its own. I notice that it tends to be a little sticky after fresh application but the feeling would eventually subside once the formula gets full absorbed. Surprisingly, despite its SPF 33 content, the product blends easily on skin, does not create white cast and does not leave any greasy/sticky after-feel.


Once absorbed, this serum does not feel super hydrating nor moisturizing on the skin, so I still feel a need to layer another moisturizing lotion. I like slathering Nivea Creme over if it's night time. However, in this country with super hot and humid weather (not to mention, summer pa) and with sun's harmful rays that's super intense, you might want to layer something that is so comfortable to wear, something that would not hinder your skin from breathing but also something that's protective yet non-sticky.

Using it frequently, I noticed that my skin looks softer and smoother, more nourished, radiant and healthy. I cannot vouch, though, for the firming and lightening claim as I haven't used the product for such long time that I already have substantial proof. I am not after that though. I just want to have some protection especially I tend to laze around and skip wearing an umbrella even when the sun's the harshest. I know it could damage my skin, but sometimes I don't like to care at all lol as long as I wear an SPF-based product. Hey, SPF 33 is a big thing for me already as I won't burn for 330 minutes under the sun lol. 


Whatever you are doing, whenever or wherever you are, always remember to keep watch of your skin. You shall not take it for granted as it's the best thing you will ever wear forever. I would like you to keep in mind that even though you wear sunscreen. still refrain from basking under the sun especially if it's not sweat or water proof like this. Sometimes, when I know I will run errands outdoor for a long time, I still layer generous amount of heavy-duty sunblocks over just to be sure.

Overall, I highly recommend Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33 to everyone as it's something you can wear on a daily basis as it could be a sunscreen and a lotion in one that will wear comfortably no matter what. It is affordable as well, what more if it's on sale, right?

So...have you tried Nivea Extra White Firming Body Serum? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!

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