Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Product Empties (March-April)

Hi, everyone! How's the start of your vacation? Mine's fun because I've been watching Korean Drama (Love In The Moonlight) again and writing personal blogs (which were supposed to be written last week pa) to make up for my busy schedule. Anyway, here are my product empties for the months of March to April, just in case you are wondering lol.

1. Silka Skin Whitening Lotion Long lasting Moisture with Shea Butter

This lotion smells like butter, I feel like eating my skin lol. The scent also stays for at least a couple of hour. It effectively moisturizes my skin, gets rid of dry and flaky skin without the greasy feeling. Review here.

2. Silka Premium Moisturizing  Milk Lotion Deep Hydration With Avocado Oil

I could have the same comments as I did with the one with Shea Butter on it. The fragrance is really captivating and long-wearing but I like this better because of its amazing moisturizing and hydrating properties. It moisturizes better than the one with Shea Butter but just as affordable. Review here.

3. Maxipeel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid

This product really yields no redness nor peeling but unfortunately, it does not control breakouts as I expect it would. It significantly brightened my complexion but not really whiten it. Review here.

4. Gluta-C with Kojic Plus+ Whitening System Face and Body Soap

This soap does not smell strong and is non-drying despite its many active ingredients. Though it helped to make my skin glowing and radiant, it did not give me that satisfactory lightening I want. Maybe, I still need to consume more before I notice any significant change in my complexion. Review here.

5. Olay Bars

These are favorites of mine. They were only given to me by a friend but I like them so much! There were times when I noticed micropeeling on my skin but this product is not really drying. It lathers creamily on skin and reeks of sweet scent. I would love to repurchase, unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere. Review here.

6. Lily's Touch Miracle Soap

I like that this product does not break me out, isn't drying or painful on the skin. But I won't rave much about it because it does not do pretty much. Review here .

7. Watsons Interdental Brushes

I don't know if I should give a short review about this lol but well, I use these for my braces and they pretty much do their job well. Haha!

Anyway, those re the products I emptied from March-April. care to share yours? Happy blogging!

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