Sunday, April 9, 2017

Purifying Facial + Diamond Peel at Bioessence

Last April 04, 2017, Adrian and I went to Bioessence, SM Megamall to avail their purifying facial service. I used to go to their Binondo Branch because the place is more familiar and accessible for me, unfortunately, my voucher (perk of being an SM Advantage Card holder) that entitled me to a free Diamond Peel for any treatment purchased worth P1000 and up only has to be redeemed at Biossence inside SM Malls.

I was shy at first but when we entered Bioessence, the staff approached us first and accommodate us until the end of the sessions. We were advised to take the clarifying facial (P1000) but settled on purifying facial (P1000) instead because I remembered the recommendation from the staff of their Binondo branch before that I should get the latter as it is intended for those with oily skin and large pores like me.

The Biossence SM Megamall branch was smaller than their Binondo branch (if I am not mistaken), but of the same ambience--very soothing and calm. The place looks comforting and even the tools that were utilized were hygienic and sanitized. We were placed in a room with two separate beds and they did the procedure to the both of us at the same time.

Purifying Facial is a detoxifying facial treatment that is more recommended for oily skin and open pores for active pimples and acne-prone skin as well as for whitening effect. It includes deep cleaning, ozone steam, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, use of oxygen enzyme and seaweed masks, both with antibacterial effect. The bioptron machine and high-frequency laser are also used for healing acne, drying up pimples and closing open pores. A relaxing back massage is given after the treatment. It absorbs excess oil of the skin, prevents pimple formation and lightens dark spots and pigmentation.

Adrian told me that the preliminary massage made first thing was really nice and it made him sleepy. Well, I felt the same thing. Unfortunately, the massage lasted for only about two minutes. It was really quick but super relaxing and the aromatic scent was soothing to the senses.

After the massage, the staff cleansed our face to prepare it for further treatment. By the way, Adrian was the one taking all the pictures, it was kinda hard for him, first, because he was having the same treatment and second, he was so sleepy (uhm, we were both sleepy) that he soon fell asleep, hence, he missed capturing some of the steps like the moment our faces were being cleansed. Lol.

After cleansing the face, we were left in the room for about 10-15 minutes (I think) so the steam could work its way to opening the pores. For me, that 15-minute step was too long because as I remember in their Bioessence Binondo Branch, the way they did ozone steam to me was very quick.

Here comes the most dreaded part of the treatment, the pricking and removing of breakouts on the face. This procedure was too fast and the staff was quick in pricking my breakouts so as opposed to my first facial at Bioessence, pain here was more tolerable as it's quick so there's lesser time to react. After this, they put something like a gauge on our faces and they use the high-frequency laser tool to close the pores. It was quick, painless and I was amazed. It's probably because I only took the basic facial before that the laser tool had direct contact on my skin (it was a little bit painful than with the gauge) or they changed the process.

After that, the staff applied the oxygen enzyme and seaweed mask which feels so good after pricking and using of laser. The mask was cold and refreshing. If I am not mistaken, it took 10-15 minutes (mask has already dried up) before they removed it.

After cleaning the face, they put some solution on our faces which stings a bit and I think, this was the part when Diamond Peel was being executed. I don't know if this was what they called the "application of facial mask" because we were only applied a single mask in the whole duration of the treatment and that was the oxygen enzyme and seaweed mask--part of the Purifying Facial. Anyway, after putting the solution, there was sort of a peeling process with the use of a tool that seemed to suck out dead skin cells. Then they put something like moisturizer on the skin which hides the redness on my face.

Diamond Peel Facial is a facial treatment which stimulates the production of fresh and young skin cells through the amazing exfoliation powers of the Diamond Crystal that polishes the skin. It includes preliminary massage, cleansing and toning, ozone steam, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads and application of facial mask. It lightens pigmentation, exfoliates dead skin cells, and prevents formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

We took the treatment in the afternoon (3:00-4:00PM) after we have done all the plans for the day because I was afraid to go home looking like my breakouts were brutally removed that they have gone red (first facial experience). Probably, it was because of the Diamond Peel that made our skin looked fresher, brighter and clearer.

Even though the facial services at Bioessence are way pricier than other facial salons I know, I would still splurge for the awesome services, accommodation and products because I'm always getting what I have paid for. To show the love, I even repurchased their Acnetrol Set which kept my breakouts away. Now, I am back to using the set to have a more clarified skin for my graduation day.

For more information regarding Bioessence services, please take a look at their website by clicking this. Until my next post! Happy blogging!

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