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Real Natura Organics Soft Matte Lip Gems Swatches and Review

Soft Matte Lip Gem
Bought for: From P659 to P399/each
Bought from: Real Natura Organic

Claims: Organic and vegan; weather-proof; with SPF15; No lead, mercury, paraben, SLES/SLS and phthalate, mineral oil, talc, dye, synthetic flavor, preservatives, chemicals and toxins; This lipstick line is entirely free from any potentially skin-harming chemicals, toxins and parabens. They will intensely moisturize, plump, soften and hydrate your lips while also adding some significant color.

I've been MIA lately due to numbers of endeavors and events I went to (non blog-related) and so it has been days already since I last published my most recent blog when my goal is to publish at least one every single day. Anyway, I know I had to make up's a review about Real Natura Organic Soft Matte Lip Gems. The shades I have here are Naked Berry, Wine Plum, Sultry Twist, Juicy Orange, and Poppy Velvet. If I am not mistaken, there are 10 shades to choose from. In general, I would say that this collection has more vibrant and summer-y shade selection.


I like that each lipstick comes in a recyclable box with enough information like claims, benefits, ingredients, etc. This satisfies people like me who are conscious about what we put on our skin and who love to read as well.

The lipsticks itself looks chic and sleek with that two-toned design and a gold divider. It actually resembles the packaging of Revlon, for me especially the one with an all-black design. I just don't get it why they have different color combinations. The shade of each lipsticks are written at the bottom as well, like drugstore lipsticks and this made me admire organic products as well--they are trying very hard to get their packaging as another selling point.


I understand that probably what I paid for are the fact that these are cruelty-free and safe for daily use, but I did not afford buying other shades because a piece is pricier than other drugstore makeups. Even if they are labeled as only made up of safe ingredients, I still think that P399 a stick is a little over.


I really like the shade selection as I could see myself wearing almost everything everyday without going a little too overboard or inadequate. However, I would love it more should they include more nudish-pinkish shades in the collection since most are vibrant and colorful in shade.

  • Naked Berry - This shade appears barbie pink from the stick that at first, I thought I would not be reaching for it frequently since it's too vibrant for my liking. It also has shimmers on it but become unnoticeable on the lips. I have fair skin but with yellow undertone but you will like wearing this lipstick whenever you want to look youthful and fun. I don't know, it just complements flashy smiles lol.

  • Wine Plum - In my opinion, Wine Plum is the most beautiful shade in all the lippies I have from Real Natura Organics (which happened to be only these five). It is red in shade but not something that looks so flashy. I would be reaching more of this if ever I settle in the corporate world.

  • Sultry Twist - This shade is a shade of a true red for me with an orange undertone. It is also one I could wear on a daily basis without going overboard.

  • Juicy Orange - This is bright orange in color which I would not wear much on a daily basis unless I am off to a fun night out with friends or if I am off to a costume party. It's not because it's an off shade for me but because I am not much into oranges. I see this as the most perfect shade if you are aiming for an effortless summer look.

  • Poppy Velvet - Poppy Velvet appears to me like a combination of red, pink and orange. It gives something like a sexy vibe whenever I wear this. It is brightening as well and complements any skin tone.


  • Naked Berry- soft, creamy, easy to blend but has the tendency to emphasize dry and patchy areas of the lips, has a little shine
  • Wine Plum - drier in texture, harder to blend, a little sticky upon application, but looks the most matte among other shades, use of lip balm underneath may be necessary (especially to those with super dry lips like mine)
  • Sultry Twist - soft, creamy, applies easily on the lips, satin finish
  • Juicy Orange - super easy to blend on the lips because it's literally juicy in consistency, however, it tends to look patchy and not so buildable because of the sheer color payoff, shiny in appearance
  • Poppy Velvet - soft, creamy and easy to blend, satin finish


All of these have awesome pigmentation and color pay-off. You get the shade from the stick itself so it's true to color. The shades are very opaque except for the Juicy Orange which may appear patchy and sheer but still leaves a beautiful pinkish stain. I don't know why but every shade seems to leave beautiful stains on the lips.


I can't really describe the scents but most of these smells good. I think it will not be a problem even to those who are sensitive to scents.


I admit, these lipsticks from Real Natura Organics are really impressive in the longevity department as the colors stay a maximim of 5-6 hours on the lips with minimal eating and drinking but the stains stay on my lips all day! Yes, all day (!) even after washing my face! I think that would be the main selling point of these products.


Even though a piece is pricey, I still think that it's worth buying given that you won't need a lot of reapplication to get your desired pigmentation. If you are a lipstick junkie, a professional makeup artist or even amateurs, I suggest you get these morganic and naturally-made lipsticks from a beloved and trusted organic seller, Real Natura Organics.

Have you tried these babies? Please do share your thoughts down below! Happy blogging!

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