Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Reunion at Music 21, Quezon City

Meet my friends! Left to right: Sir Vigo, Mark, Chalton, Janselle, Jason, Victor, Olive, Me, Adrian

And so it seems that we only get together every time Adrian's on vacation here in the Philippines. I remember that we saw each other last year for a night swimming for the same reason. In short, we only get together once a year. I know this reunion will never happen again for the next few months so I'll be writing about it here to keep track of where we go each year.

This year, we agreed to go to a karaoke destination in Tomas Morato, Quezon City where we rented a room for 15 people. Turned out, only 9 of us joined this rendezvous lol. I did not have any idea what happened to those who promised to come but had not appeared haha!

We did not do much actually, just sing and eat. No, I did not sing, but I'm pretty sure I've eaten the most haha! I was so full at the end of the day and glad I watched them fight for the microphones lol.

We went to the area at around 6:00 PM and because the package is good for only 4 hours, we went home past 10:00 PM with Mark as our driver. Thanks to his car, we saved for the fare lol.

Because some of our friends promised to come even late, we ordered for the food package good for 15 persons. There were for 5, 10, etc if I'm not mistaken. The package includes three towers of drinks (We ordered Pineapple, Orange, and Iced Tea.). rice, barbecue, whole chicken, two kinds of pancit (the ordinary which I don't know what it's called and the canton), lumpiang shanghai and crispy pata. We ordered dynamites too which, for me, are the tastiest and yummiest among all meals. The servings were okay but we did not eat pancit much so there were left overs.

It was just a short meeting but I enjoyed it. We would probably enjoy it more if we're complete haha! I hope next time Kim, Marho, Coleen, Ralph, Radimaye, Nats, Duff, etc. could make it lol.

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