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Shawill Makeup Cosmetics Shine Blossom Blushers in Shades 01, 02, 03 and 04 Review

Shawill Makeup Cosmetics Blusher Shine Blossom
Bought for: P79/each | Original Price: P128
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila

Have you experienced seeing something for the first time and all you ever think was, "I gotta have this." I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight I felt upon spotting these Shawill Blushers on the one small corner along the makeup aisle. It was just a moment and my eyes dropped instantly on these lovely blushers. My eyes focused first on the packaging which looks like it's worth over five hundred bucks, then on the dual shades--in different hues of pink, blushes of my type. I was hesitant to pick it up from the shelf and look at the price tag because I was afraid to lose all hopes I brought with me. No, I was serious! They did look pricey and all I have, to be honest, was P500 in my purse. How could I ever purchase all the shades when I'm broke!?

After I gathered all gradually falling hopes at once, I decided to take a peak and was SO shocked it was only P128 a blush! The saleslady came by and told me it was on sale at only P79! Holy cow!

Claims: Rich fine powder particles, easy to apply evenly with a fresh feeling, non-greasy, keeping, skin comfortable, captures the natural essence for a healthy glowing skin. Shawill blusher has the right amount of shimmer(?) to highlight your cheekbones while absorbent keep it looking fresh all day. Each blush shade was created for all skin types so that everyone can enjoy a youthful shine.

I was kind of confused with the "right amount of shimmer" phrase because I did not find the product shimmery. In fact, it resembles pressed powders in compacts that are matte-looking.

Ingredients: Talcum Powder, Mica Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Zince Oxide, Zinc Stearate,Titanium Dioxide, Propylparaben, Methyl Paraben, Perfume, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Paraffinum Liquidum

Sad to say, this product has parabens on it which according to some, may cause harmful effects to consumer's health. I was just comforted with the fact that since birth, I probably had taken doses of products that were infused with parabens but look at me, I'm still living and kicking. Lol.

Packaging: I find it hard to collect all of the blushers in the Shine Blossom Collection because my eyes seem to be playing tricks on me since I could not figure out if I got all shades correctly. I took time figuring out if a blush is different to what I'm holding because I couldn't see the shade title anywhere. I do hope the owners come up with shade titles so choosing would be much easier instead of just numbers.

They were not consistent with the packaging as well. That was the major downfall I noticed with this product.  Others have numbers on top of the boxes that show which shade you are holding. 2 of the boxes have numbers at the back, two of these do not. 2 of the boxes have numbers on top of the box, two do not. All four has numbers at the back, but notice that the first and second blushers state that they are shades number 2 when they are clearly very different from each other. Please check the pictures above. Also, I didn't know there was small stickers at the back with the number printed in gold until I removed the plastic because the shade numbers were blocked by the price tags. 

The boxes also display enough information like descriptions, ingredients, contents, directions for use, expiry dates, seal and proof of authenticity, etc.

The compact is similar to the size of typical circular compact powders except the cover of these blushers are not mechanically attached to its body. You have to twist the cap and to really remove it to access the blusher. It also does not have any accompanying applicator or mirror which might disappoint others who do their makeups on vehicles.

The whole container has that cheap-plastic-material feel to it (miraculously, it looks pricey when looked at), but yeah, the product itself compensate for it in my opinion. Be careful in storing these as they could easily break once fallen. But one good thing about it is the huge amount of product inside. The pan is almost as big and wide as the compact. I do hope I captured these blushers with a coin beside for dimension.

The first blusher I opened has that loose feel between the pan and the plastic material because I hear it shakes. The second blusher seem to be manufactured in a haphazard manner because it has a rift in the middle (please check photo below). The other two I think have undergone better packing process.

Nonetheless, despite many faulty blah blah (can't find the exact word lol), this product is surprisingly very lightweight and definitely, will not consume much weight on bags.

Scent: Slightly fragranced. The scent very much reminded of affordable pressed powders from local brands. For me, it's not bothersome at all, in fact, I happen to like it.

Texture and ease of application: I can say that the textures of these blushers are between powdery and creamy as its neither too chalky nor too rich. The only shade I that has both minor fall outs and average color payoff during my swatch is the second one. Nonetheless, I think I could use it to my advantage as it has the highest possibility of being a mistake-proof blusher. The rest are really pigmented and has strong color payoff especially the first and the last blushers. Therefore, I advise you to ALWAYS tap off excess after you swirl off the brush on the pan to avoid overdoing your blush. Always remember that a little of these goes a long way already. I forgot to do this when I wore this yesterday and I ended up redoing my makeup since the blush was kinda hard to remove once applied. I find that the product are easy to blend on cheeks as wll. Again, none of these looks shimmery but matte, like pressed powders.


This has a deep pink color payoff so it's the shade you have to be most careful about as it could look like overdid blush even when applied in small amount. What I do to tone down the fuchsia-ness is to tap away the excess and rub the brush a few times on a tissue paper afterwards before buffing it on the apples of my cheeks. Doing this results to a natural rosy look and is more compatible to fair-skinned girls.


This shade has the sheerest color payoff probably because of the powdery texture and gives a baby pink flush to your cheeks. This looks like barbie pink which I find cute, really. It's the most similar shade to my favorite Nichido creme blush in champagne something in which I have received a few compliments before.

I don't know why but this shade seems to me that it's like a transition from pink to peach shade. It looks nice as well and is pigmented.

This shade has a peachy undertone which suits warm-toned girls like me. I think that it is the best shade that can be worn regardless of any complexion you have. Among four shades, for me, this is the easiest to blend as it has the creamiest formula with mild to zero fall outs.

Application: Sometimes, I prefer mixing the two shades on the pan, other times, I prefer using just one.  I think that was the magic behind blushers like this, you can go either way and you're not ever going wrong with it. I think the most-reached shades would be the second (for a naturally fresh blush-on) and fourth shade as they are the most wearable shades for me.

Longevity: In my oily skin, it is already an achievement that a reasonably priced blushers like these lasted on me for about 5-6 hours straight with no retouch. I still like the subtle stain though as it makes me look like I have a naturally flushed complexion.

Overall, I love Shawill Makeup Cosmetics Shine Blossom Blushers so much! These pinks in different hues are so easy to mix and match to have that preferred flush for the day. I just hope they come up with more shades like more of those with peach or beige undertones to really cater to any complexion. For the so affordable price tags but impressive pigmentation and longevity, I definitely would repurchase. I highly recommend these compacts to anyone who likes to play, mix and match blushers and those who are in a tight budget. You can never go wrong with these, ladies!

I think these are new products of Shawill and I'm glad I bought them. No regrets! So...what do you think of these blushers? Tried it? Loved it? No? Share your comments down below! Happy blogging!

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