Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fearless Summer 2017 with Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF40 and Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50

We always have that one moment when we were bold and strong enough to face everything but withdraw at the last minute. It happened to me before countless of times. I have always loved the beach, the sand and the ocean breeze, but the tanning heat of the sun kept marking my defeat. It has always been "My delight have always ended even before it started". Sunscreens are the only answers to keep me doing the things that I love doing outdoor but I can't just put everything in my cart without considering the price point, effectiveness, SPF content and formulation.

When Sampleroom restocked on the Belo SunExpert Face Cover and Perfecting Shield Tinted Sunscreen, I got myself one mainly because I know that I will be saving moolah big time. Later on I figured out, it was more than that. These face products are ultra lightweight on the skin, non-greasy, and protective. My boyfriend will always be the best summer companion but SunExpert products act the same, protective for my complexion and all they do is care. No wonder they have become my ultimate sunscreen companion for summer 2017.

I am not a self-proclaimed adventurous person. I rarely travel to be honest (because I prefer watching movies or reading books while eating and slouching on the couch), but this year, Adrian made me travel to San Rafael, Bulacan for their famous river adventure. I told him that I can't get a tan because my graduation day was a few weeks away and it will surely be an impossible feat to bring back the original complexion in two weeks. Good thing, Belo SunExpert products made me brave enough to face the sun's darkening rays. Whether I stayed at the camping site or I bask under the sun, I will not be hesitant because I was shielded.

If I worried about getting tanned or damaged skin, I worried about Adrian getting sunburned. Of course, I insisted that he use the SunExpert Face Cover on the face and some lotion sunblock for the body and together, we became fearless this summer. It was a day under the sun as we swam our hearts out to the nice pool overlooking the beautiful view of Angat River at around 3:00PM (when the sun's rays are the harshest!!!). Can you believe it!? We're insane. :D

And yes, we rode kayak or paddle board after swimming, where we are free to tour anywhere in the river. We wanted to cross it actually but the river was too wide and water's becoming wild and undulated plus we don't know how to use the paddles properly, ugh. We even hit our own camp and a person swimming! It was embarrassing.

After that, we rode the ATV (four-wheeled vehicle) where we toured the whole spot within and outside the perimeters of San Rafael River Adventure. It was fun riding the ATV, at least aside from a motorcycle, I can now ride a four-wheeled vehicle lol! Anyway, we did all of these activities at noon but we don't care. :P

The best thing about the SunExpert Face Cover was that it kept our skin at its original complexion without the greasy feel or the white cast SPF-based products could give and without wearing off even after swimming, sweating and basking under the sun for hours. On top of the Sun Expert Face Cover was my ultimate sunscreen companion of any season, SunExpert Tinted Sunscreen, which always gives me that bare-but-selfie-worthy skin plus the whopping SPF content of 50 PA+++!

What about you? How did Belo SunExpert products become your ultimate sunscreen companion this summer 2017?

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