Sunday, April 16, 2017

Updated Skin Care Routine (April 2017)

I've been breaking out badly the previous month so I decided to go back to my current favorite beauty clinic chain and avail their Purifying Facial. Since I was in the area, I decided to purchase their acnetrol set once again since I remembered how they yield positive results on my end. The rest of the products I incorporated in the low maintenance skin care routine was just picked from my heaps of skin care product at home. I think they work well together because my pimples are currently reducing in number every day. Anyway, here's the complete list, approximate prices, mini reviews as well as where to find them.

1. Acnetrol SSA Soap, P300-P400, all Biossence outlets
This soap is what I use to clean my face twice a day. I am not fond of using any makeup removers or cleansing wipes so I only use this and my toner to remove dirt and oil. It could be drying some times but I like how refreshing the scent is. Review here.

2. Anetrol Toner wih Salicylic Acid, P300-P400, all Biossence outlets
I use this toner twice a day to remove oil, dirt and makeup residue on my face. This toner dries easily, provides extra cleaning without drying the skin. Review here.

3. Acnetrol AB Liquid, P300-P400, all Biossence outlets
I use this as a spot treatment to apply on areas where I break out the most. With its Clindamycin antibiotic content, my breakouts reduce in size faster than other spot treatments without making the affected parts flaky or dry. Review here.

4. Collagen With Enrich Lift Action, P300, @mishka_main on Instagram
I use this as my serum which I apply after putting some AB Liquid on. This instantly hydrates my face without the greasy or sticky feeling. I also like the shimmers it has that yields some brightening and that 'lift' kind of effect on my face. Review here.

5. Belo SunExpert Face Cover SPF 40 PA+++, P350, leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide
This face sunblock is ideal for those with oily skin like me as it's super lightweight, moisturizing and mildly-scented. It also does not create white cast on flash photography despite its high SPF content. Review here.

6. Lily's Touch Diamond Polish, P750, online shops
I use this Diamond Polish once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells, soften and brighten my complexion. This is like a scrub and a mask in one for me so it's kind of super efficient to use. It smells nice as well and effective in giving that glowing and radiant-looking skin as if you have undergone an expensive Diamond Peel just without the pricey tag. Review here.

7. Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly , P49, leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide
I do not neglect my lips as well so every night, I'm putting this petroleum jelly on to soften and repair my super dry lips. It's effective in bringing back that plump soft lips without requiring to spend hundred bucks over lip masks and other expensive lip balms or scrubs in the market.

So...those are the products I am currently using for my face! They are guaranteed effective and really works for my skin type. If I have some to repurchase, I'd choose Bioessence Acnetrol Set. So far, nothing beats this low-maintenace skin care set in my heart! What's in your skin care routine right now? Share it here with me! Happy blogging!

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