Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bare Skin CC Cream (Color Control) Review


Bare Skin CC Cream
Bought for: Free | SRP: P99
From: Bare Skin (Rowena Los Banos')

Claims: Bareskin CC Cream ( Color Control) is a cream contains elements that make your skin feel fresh and give it an extra smooth, even texture. This cream created to revive sallow, sore-looking skin on the face. It is not the best option for those with greasy and problem skin.

I got really ecstatic when one of the best organic skin care lines for me, Bare Skin, asked me if I want to review more of their newest products. I said yes of course and was even more delighted upon receiving a CC Cream, Body Mask and Soap inside the parcel as I have been hearing good reviews about them online (especially the body mask which is supposed to be the next Bare Skin Product that I will be reviewing). Hearing the organic world and its emerging brands, who once started from creating their own skin care lines, produce local organic makeups just made me evem prouder being a Pinay.


I really like the packaging since it comes with a screw cap and is housed in a travel-friendly squeezable tube which reminds me of gloss packaging and which dispense products quite easily. Also, it has complete ingredients and description on the sticker so you will know what you are actually putting on your skin.


The product looks like a tinted pink mousse cream and is soft to the touch. Lightweight in consistency, it is easy to blend on the face without leaving streaks or augmenting cakey-ness. Thus, it can be a good makeup base to be applied under foundation without the heavy feeling. If you don't want foundations or other base makeups, you can just layer this product alone for a natural glow.


Unfortunately, this product does not withstand my oiliness and could last only a maximum of 3-4 hours on my face so if I feel like washing my face in the middle of the day, I would reapply this product again and set it with a powder to make it last longer on my skin.


This CC Cream has a very subtle powdery scent which I like.


I am used to CC Creams which start looking like an opaque white cream (like the one from Etude House) then slowly becoming tinted once blended. So I'm kind of surprised that this CC Cream from Bare Skin stays true to the shade even after blending out. However, it is a good thing that this product is tinted pink for it actually brightens the face without that too much flush. It really gets rid of the plain and dull skin I get after washing my face. I'm kind of surprised with this color correct abilities so I'm encouraged in using it everyday especially this summer when the weather's so hot and my skin can't withstand the heavy and greasy feeling foundations give. This may give only a very subtle coverage but it really does give that fresh-looking and bright complexion. 

This product has no SPF so you might want to layer an SPF-based products underneath. Using it everyday yields me no breakouts, tiny bumps, rashes or any skin problems of any kind. Yay! It also claims to be not the best option for those with greasy or problematic skin which I disagree because I have super oily skin type and this product does not trigger oiliness at all!


I highly recommend this Bare Skin CC Cream to everyone out there who wants safe makeup that is lightweight and gives skin that natural glow for a very affordable price of P99 (yes, only P99!)! This product comes in one shade alone and could suit whatever skin type and skin complexion you have. Don't worry it knows how to adjust. ;)

Bare Skin also have BB (Blemish Balm) Creams, PP (Pink Protect) Creams and DD (Daily Defense) Creams apart from this product. Sounds amazing, right? Would love to try them soon! Cute little things!

Any thoughts on this CC Cream from Bare Skin? Does this interest you?

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