Monday, May 1, 2017

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream Review

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream, 100ml
Bought for: Free (points) | Original Price: P399
Bought from: Sample Room

Approximately three weeks ago. I purchased the newest product in the Belo Intensive Whitening Line--Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream. I haven't heard of any BB Body Cream before so this might be the very first BB Cream intended for body use among drugstore products, the reason why I was eager to try it in the first place. I'm not sure though so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :)

This is the only summer I have been into more than one summer destination. I know that sounds not a lot (especially to those who are really travel enthusiasts) so I was really too protective about my skin that I'm scared of getting tanned and sunburned. Because of this, I consider SPF-based products one of my necessities this season. It was just right on time that Sampleroom stocked up on this.


  • Achieve flawless, glowing arms and legs
  • Visibly covers blemishes and imperfections
  • Whitens skin
  • Tone correcting Formula
  • With Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid
  • SPF 50 PA+++
  • Paraben-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist-tested



The product comes in an aerosol spray with a white and orange theme. It is also sealed in a plastic prior to opening. I like that they have printed loads of information on it such as claims, ingredients, expiry dates (printed at the bottom), dosage, caution etc, very nice for someone like me who like reading product information. However, since this comes in an aerosol spray, some products tend to go to waste so I think, if it's possible, it would be more convenient if it comes in a tube or bottles so you could really use everything into your advantage.


This product does not have any unusual scent, in fact, it smells powdery fresh like baby products--nothing strong nor off-putting.


When sprayed onto skin. you will notice that the liquidy formula is tinted like BB creams. This is probably what does the concealing and tone correcting. The product gets absorb easily onto the skin without any sticky feeling so make sure you blend it very well so all areas will be covered. Also, make sure to really shake the bottle well prior to use so the formula would mix well. I tried spraying it with minimal shaking movements and I ended up dispensing transparent liquids only. It was only on my second try did I figure out it was actually tinted.


To be honest, I do not use this everyday so I can't vouch for its whitening ability because I do not wear dress or skirts or anything that will reveal my legs all the time. I neither go to beach every day so I feel like I don't need to apply it for, like, every single day. What's the purpose, right, if I'm wearing pants? Lol. However, I wore it on special occasions like during my graduation, baccalaureate, etc, when I need better-looking arms and legs, to see if I'm getting the same result.

Okay, sorry because I have hairy skin and I don't want to undergo wax treatments since I'm afraid that would hurt big time. But I want to try that service soon lol. Anyway, my camera may probably not doing any justice but I would say that my left leg looks pretty much more polished than my right. If you could look closer though, my left leg looks brighter and healthier than the right and there are less obvious pores. It also looks less dry compared to the right where my skin looks flaky and dry. Despite the whopping SPF 50, this product did not deliver any white cast on skin. Also, I think it would suit any skin tone for you can adjust the shade to match your complexion by the amount you put on (More means whiter and more coverage).


There is not much to conceal on my skin so I am kind of disappointed not to the product but to the fact that I may not be reaching out for this all the time since there are other alternative lotions in the market which have more acceptable price point and which could help me get almost the same result. Aside from the fact that it has high SPF content and makes skin look more polished, it does nothing exceptional anymore. The application for me was kind of a hassle because you need to shake the product first, dispense on parts lots of time and then you will still have to blend because the droplets would not go directly to where they were supposed to be. The wasted products turns me off too. I would not say it's cost-effective but still worth trying because it's safe and mild to use anytime and anywhere. I just don't see myself spending bucks over something which I find not too useful for me.

Have you already laid your hands on Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!

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