Sunday, May 14, 2017

First Impression Review: Wild Coconut Life's A Beach Coconut Milk and Salt Scrub

Wild Coconut Life's A Beach Coconut Milk and Salt, 100g
Bought for: Free | SRP: P100
From: Wild Coconut PH

To have that polished, smooth and soft skin, it is a must that we include body scrubs in our daily skin care regimen. Salt scrubs start to become a trendy product in the 'organic world' so I am always genuinely grateful to have generous sponsors like Wild Coconut PH, to give me samples to try. In a way, I gain ideas on which salt scrubs are the best in terms of overall performance. I won't keep you guessing any more, but this is, by far, the best natural and organic-infused salt scrub I've ever had for ages. Keep on reading if you want to know why.


To be honest, the packaging speaks of how environmentalist the brand owner is because of the usage of recyclable materials for the production and it does amaze me because I am a die-hard fan of environmental heroes. That sounds too deep but it's true. Although at one-point, I can't hide the fact that it is not water-proof so during bath time, I have to keep the pouch in a higher place so it won't get soak. Also, if you are using this, keep the pouch sealed to ensure freshness. I'm thinking of transferring the remaining products on a jar though.


The salt scrubs smells like creamy coconut and I so love it! It smells and looks yummy, sometimes I'm tempted to taste it lol. However, the scent does not cling on my skin after taking a bath which I thought it would.


The salt scrubs remind me of ground coconut meat (if that is how you call it) except this is completely dry lol. I thought it would be one of those which I will find so messy to apply but when I put it on my skin, the scrubs easily adhere to it. I have salt scrubs before which are so messy to apply since they slip from the grip but this one is totally different. It has a different kind of scrubbing sensation. It also melts slowly and it even becomes gentler on skin after few seconds. It's just not the type of salt scrubs that you would be hesitant to massage onto skin because of the extreme roughness and drying properties.


What I love most about it is that it is infused with coconut milk and oil that moisturizes and hydrates my skin even without putting on lotion afterwards. I can already feel the softness and smoothness of my skin right after every salt dissolves. It gently buffs away rough areas to reveal a brighter and more polished complexion. I just love it! I have tried this for three consecutive days--that's how addicted I have become and always looking forward to bath time--and it did not cause my skin to react adversely.


Because of its extreme gentleness on skin, I can say that it suits any skin type whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin. I also like using it for the face but not as frequent as body use to avoid any irritation. With its good price point and effectiveness, I would love to repurchase but I still need to try other salt scrubs in the market. Still, this Wild Coconut Life's A Beach Coconut Milk and Salt would be one of the best in my heart.

Planning to try this? Any thoughts? Comments?

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