Saturday, May 20, 2017

HBC Essentials Personal Wipes Review

HBC Essentials Personal Wipes
Bought for: P49
From: HBC

Last month, Adrian gave me 4 packs of HBC Essentials Personal Wipes because I have always wanted someone to give me cleansing wipes as presents. I could buy one though and I don't understand either why I need to have someone buy them for me lol. Anyway, I just feel the need to review this product here because I was quite disappointed with this product (even though it is reasonably priced) after testing a few brands such as the cleansing wipes of Purederm and Dewy Tree which are definitely best buys for me. Anyway, here's a brief review about this product.

Nothing special with how the product's been made, but I am used to resealable packaging so no worries. It is also loaded with information at the back such as the description, claims, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates, price, etc. I guess people, like me, who are very conscious about what we put on our skin, will appreciate this.

This product claims to remove dirt and disease-causing bacteria so hurray for that. The wipes itself smells almost nothing so I have to say that it quite suits those who are very sensitive in terms of product scents.

The picture above and below shows the exact cloths when pulled from the plastic. It's obviously smaller and thinner compared to other cleansing wipes--may it be from drugstores or high-end brands, and is translucent to the eyes. Unlike Purederm and Dewy Tree's, this does not seem like well-soaked on liquid solutions so it cleanses less effectively in my opinion. It does not remove makeups easily as well unlike other cleansing wipes in the market. Most likely, you will have to utilize three to four cloths when you wear heavy makeup due to its flimsy properties and one to two for lighter layers.

The good thing about this product, though, is that it is very lightweight on skin and does not feel greasy or sticky on the face. The problem is just that it is impractical to use for me because a lot of sheets is required to clean the face in one use alone. Also, the cloths seem rough on my face (or maybe I might be pressing real hard to get rid of oils, dirt and makeup?).

Overall, I think I would still use these wipes to clean my face only if I have lighter makeup on (little bit of bb cream and powder alone). It also would even come handy if I need something to clean my skin. What's there to lose, right? A pack is so affordable. Although I still prefer the thicker and tougher ones in terms of removing traces of makeups on my skin  with the greatest of ease.

Have you tried HBC Essentials Personal Wipes? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!


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