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Loreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in W2 Light Ivory

Loreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup
Bought for: P450 | SRP: Around P600 or P800
Bought from: an online shop


(As per Loreal) Matches skin tone and texture. Non-Cakey. Oil-free. With patented color technology, True Match™ Makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture and coordinates perfectly with True Match™ Powder, Blush, and Concealer. Formulated with Precise Match™ Technology so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin. With Vitamins A and C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract to keep your skin nourished, protected and healthy.


Natural, SPF: 17 (select shades), Coverage: Light to medium, Skin Type: For all skin types, Oil-free, Available in 33 skin-true shades.
Expert Application Technique

-Dot foundation onto cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead.
-Using fingers or a makeup sponge, blend foundation out towards hairline and down.
-For a professional-looking application, use a foundation brush to blend foundation.
-To set foundation and prolong wear, dust translucent powder on top of foundation.

NOTE: Ingredients vary by shade. Please see the list below and check the product packaging for ingredients at desired shade level.

Porcelain – W1, Light Ivory – W2, Nude Beige – W3, Natural Beige – W4, Sand Beige – W5, Sun Beige – W6, Caramel Beige – W7, Soft Ivory – N1, Classic Ivory – N2, Natural Buff – N3, Buff Beige – N4, True Beige – N5, Honey Beige – N6, Classic Tan – N7, Alabaster – C1, Natural Ivory – C2, Creamy Natural – C3, Shell Beige – C4, Classic Beige – C5:

Just recently, I've been completely out of my mind when I hoarded a lot of drugstore foundations without even thinking if I would be able to use them before they pass their expiration date. Lol. I guess this is what usually happens if you suddenly get addicted to something haha. One of which I bought was this Loreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in shade Light Ivory or W2. I just can't wait having my very own bottle after reading so many rave reviews about it.


The shade that I got is in Light Ivory or W2 (meaning it is for those with warmer complexions). It's not exactly my shade and appears to be a wee bit lighter than my actual skin color so even though it claims to match skin tone, at first, I did not believe because how could a lighter shade match a darker one, right? But I can't do anything because that is the only available shade when I planned on buying one. To be honest, I'm really having a hard time looking for my shade in most foundations. They either tend to be too yellowish or too peachy on me. In short, they do not blend nicely. Surprisingly, Light Ivory looks okay on me so I think it's true to its claim.

Anyway, this foundation from Loreal has shades intended for those with warm, neutral and cool undertones so there's no way you'll ever fail finding your perfect match.


While its packaging looks unique coming in a screw cap, I must admit I am having a hard time getting the product as it does not have any pump or any sort of easy dispenser. What you have to do is to really tilt the bottle to get a good amount. It's either you get enough or you get more than what you needed so just be careful. With it being stored in a glass bottle, I don't ever think of bringing this with me should I decide to go out of town.


The foundation itself has a very runny consistency compared to other foundations I have tried and dries into matte. It is so easy to blend whether you use your fingers or sponge. I don't think though that you can use brushes in blending the foundation because (may I just warn you that) it easily dries up after a few moments and could end up really streaky. I tried using my Real Techniques Foundation Brush and it does not look fine at all. I haven't tried blending it though with brushes that have softer bristles.


I would say that this product has a sheer to medium coverage. In my swatch down below, you will see that I already have two layers on but there are still pimple marks that are wildly peeking through. I also tried covering lipstick swatches with this foundation and look how it effectively reduces their appearances.


This foundation oxidizes on me after a maximum of 4 hours. It does not bother me because I can see that the shade eventually matches my skin color, thus, looking more natural. I can tell that the foundation pretty much still adhere to my skin even after going back home (8-12 hours) and that's a relief given my super oily skin.


What I like most about this product is that it's non-greasy and is super lightweight on the skin. Sometimes, I don't mind forgetting layering a powder over it because it just feels comfortable and I can feel that my skin is still breathing no matter how much you put on. Since I have oily skin, its matte finish really is beneficial to me. On the other hand, I don't think it would match those with drier skin because this product tends to emphasize dry patches or flakiness so you might want to put some moisturizer on because blending this foundation on your face.

With this foundation, fresh look is super easy to create. Once the product sets in, you can already enjoy flash photography because despite its SPF content, it does not create white cast.


I can now see why this is one of the most-coveted foundation that even after a lot of brands release new products, it still keeps it popularity all over the world. However, I would repurchase only if I it's only in its discounted price because I do not see any other point spending huge for a drugstore brand when I could buy those much more affordable ones and road test them if they are at par.


I like this foundation so much and I highly recommend it to those with oily skin like me. In this hot and humid country, you might want to prefer wearing something where you could breathe and be comfortable and I'm glad I have found this product. I'll be reaching more of it this summer and I'm gonna ace that fresh look even though the weather's making me look haggard.

Did you already treat yourself to a bottle of Loreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!

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