Saturday, May 20, 2017

May Product Empties (With Link of Reviews)

Here are the products I emptied this month (some are from other months, I just noticed they are empty just now). Well, I'm just glad I'm hitting the bottoms of products every month and I hope I'm going to hit makeup pans soon as well hihi.

1. Go Bare Miracle Balm

I have been using this on my underarms (even though it's safe for body use) before and I like how it keeps my UA soft, smooth and odor-free. Also, it can be used as a soothing balm after waxing, indeed, a product with lots of uses. A little of this also goes a long way.

2. St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

I forgot how many tubes of St. Ives I've feast on but the effect just does not change. Being one of my favorite scrubs, it always gives me the softest and smoothest skin without the dreaded dryness.

3. Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Perfume

I got this product from a trade last year or early this year, I think. Still, this remains to be my favorite Victoria's Secret scent. I'm kind of upset right now actually because I did not take advantage of Lazada Sale before where VS perfumes were on their unbelievable markdown prices.

4. Dewy Tree 3 Effect Cleansing Tissue

Definitely, the best cleansing wipes among all that I have tried and tested. It has hint of herbs and is wet and wide enough to clean the face with the greatest of ease. Affordable at around P130.

5. The Happy Organics Fruity Peel Skin Resurfacing Bar

It is one of the few organic soaps that caused my skin some micropeeling and I love it because it made my complexion more even and brighter. Also, it is free from harmful ingredients and is safe for everyday use.

I was cleaning the bathroom shelf today (May 22, 2017) and found these empty tubes. Wah, totally forgot about these products.

6. Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser

This facial cleanser is very gentle on my skin as it does not lather much so no need to worry about drying out my skin with this product. It also has a mild scent and did not cause me to breakout severely. Unfortunately, it does not really prevent pimples and acnes from coming.

7. Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser

I feel like this is a really good cleanser which effectively removes dirt, dust, oil and makeup residues in one wash but I am not really a big fan of foaming wash as they tend to dry out my skin. Although this is for oil control, I don't like the feeling of stripping off my skin too much moisture because it tends to secrete more oil. If you really want a matte skin after wash, you might want to give this a try instead.

8. Signature Artisans Luminous Whitening Body Mask

I immediately gave this a try when Bare Skin send this to me because I've been reading good feed backs about this that it's really effective in whitening the skin. True to its claim though, it made my skin bright and glowing after five days of continuous use.

9. Nivea Creme

This is the most effective moisturizer for those who have excessive dry skin, in my opinion. I have super dry hands and feet and I opt to apply Nivea Creme on those parts whenever needed and it just give long-lasting moisture and hydration on parched pelts.

10. Cleopatra's Secret Microexfoliating Rose and Milk Soap

This soap is made of organic and natural ingredients inspired by the skin care of the famous faces of ancient times, Cleopatra.

11. Cleopatra's Secret Sensitive Facial Cleanser

This cleanser comes in a foaming packaging, has a strong herbal scent which may find off-putting by those who are very sensitive to scents. I like it though. It is also gentle on skin and did not break me out.

12. Leiania House of Beauty BB + CC Creme

This BB + CC Creme is an organic product of Leiania House of Beauty that is effective in giving the skin that instant boost of radiance while giving a sheer and natural coverage. It has SPF on it so you are protected under the harmful rays of the sun.

13. Maxipeel Zero Micro Exfoliant Fluid

I'm not as impressed with this product as I am with Maxipeel Solutions but this is a good toner to maintain bright and glowing complexion. I did not get rid of my pimple marks/scars nor did they lighten just a bit so I'm kind of not recommending this product at all.

14. Leiania House of Beauty Castor Oil

Castor Oils are one of my favorite products because I can use them not just to maintain lustrous and strong lashes, I could also use it as an eye cream and a lip moisturizer due to its emollient properties.

15. HBC Essentials Personal Wipes

These wipes are not really as tough cleaners as my other cleansing wipes but I like that they keep my skin matte and fresh after use without any irritation, greasiness or stickiness at all.

And yeah, those are my product empties for this month. I wrote this post in advance because I am not emptying any more products any time soon. Happy blogging!

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