Saturday, May 6, 2017

My First Highlight Story With City Color Highlight Palettes (Collection 1 and 2)

City Color Highlight Palette Collection 1 and 2 (New shade)
Bought for: Sale prices at P275 and 225 (consecutively)
Original Prices: P550 and P450
From: an online shop

I never use highlighters before for the simple fact that I have oily skin. I was able to try one before to no avail. It just made my skin looked even more shiny rather than luminous and glowy. What could be the problem? I have no idea. After years, I realized that I lack these essentials in my makeup department, and so I decided once again to try something that is loved by many so I can get the assurance that it will yield nothing but satisfactory results. I'll try to keep this review brief as I know there's already tons of review about City Color Highlight Palettes--mostly are positive feed backs, yay. I could not disagree because I had the opportunity to try and know what all the fuss is about.


I appreciate that these palettes come with transparent lids so buyers can clearly see the actual shades of the product on the pans without having to look at online swatches which usually appear to be not so reliable in terms of shade accuracy. I don't mind that it does not have any accompanying mirror or applicator for I could use my own tool. This could be the reason why the palettes are lightweight and slim. The size of the pans I have are 3.5 grams per pan (I think), but they also have their corresponding mini sizes (kawaii!) which is being sold online.

I believe that these packaging are the updated versions of City Color Palettes. I normally would see the ones having the labels 'Highlight Trio' which now became 'Highlight Palette'. I don't see any reason why they have to change it, I mean there are much more to improve in terms of packaging like the fragile plastics which could easily be damaged or broken once you accidentally release your hold on it or the substandard-looking stickers at the back. For the price I have paid, I know I should not complain but it still pays to have gorgeous palettes on our vanities, right? Lol. Also, I would not know that the second palette (with darker and bronz-y shade selection) is the Collection 2 Palette because it does not say so at the back. Fortunately, the shop I bought these palette with has enough information about the shade selections.



Collection 1

The first palette have lighter shade selection than the second one and is ideal for any skin tones. The first pan has a golden shade that could perfectly fits those with warm undertones. The second one appears like light beige too me and is my perfect match. The last shade has a pinkish tint to it which may suit those with cool undertones.

Collection 2

The second palette appears to me like it's best for those with darker complexions. The first shade has a coppery shade which is for warmer complexions. The second one looks a little orangey which can make skin look sunkissed. So if you are faking sunkissed or tanned skin, you might want to play with this shade. The least has a bronze color with stronger shimmers. I realized that each palette starts with a golden shade then end up with a shade that has a pink undertone so I think that made these suitable for all skin tones.


I like that they are all true to their shade when swatched and are all very opaque. One sweep of your brush to the pan would already give your cheekbones, chin, nose and foreheads that beautiful glow and luminosity you want with the shade selection that you can mix and match. You can apply a thin layer for a more natural glow and layer it for a stronger glow.


These palettes have soft and creamy textures which is super easy to blend. None of the shades are chalky and I neither get fall outs whenever I use them. However, I find that the second palette has creamier texture compared to the first but Collection 1 is still creamy on its own. The second palette has more shimmers on the pan as well. To be honest, I like the first Collection better because it's more suitable for my complexion. A little product could already brighten my face and keeps dull skin away. The pigments easily set on the skin but upon looking closely, these highlighters do not melt onto skin completely as if it's really there.


These highlighters have decent staying power (maximum of 5 hours on me). But maybe it could last longer for those who do not possess oily skin.


The products are slightly fragranced. Collection 1 does not have that strong scent but still fragranced anyway. Collection 2 smells like typical powders sold in compacts. Don't worry though for they are not overwhelming.


I like these highlighters so much! In terms of their overall performance, they are almost at par with those expensive high end products just without the pricey tags. Thought Collection 2 is not something I will be frequently reaching out, I could see the shades blending with my eye shadows! I can also use Collection 1 as a base and highlighting product for my eyes! Indeed a lot of use at a single compact! For their price point, I don't see any reason why you should not purchase this product. It is totally worth the price! Considering the amount of product in the wide pans, I could see myself using this over and over again for many months to come! In fact, I have been using this everyday to get that natural-looking glow I have always wanted without looking shiny all over.


If you are new to highlighting and would rather spend bucks over a cheaper alternative to play with, I highly recommend City Color Highlight Palettes to you. The subtle shades would really complement you so you won't go wrong with these!

Any plans to purchase one for you? Please do let me know, okay? Happy blogging!

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