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Instant Whitening? Try Bare Skin Signature Artisan Luminous Whitening Body Mask!

Signature Artisan Luminous Whitening Body Mask
Bought for: Free | SRP: P450
From: Bare Skin Specialist by Rowena Los Banos

I'm quite satisfied having slightly fair complexion and I do not aim getting any whiter any longer since I am more focused in achieving even skin tone (deym the tan lines this summer lol). But when Ms. Rowena told me that she will be sending some items and this product is included in the loot, I just can't help but squeal in delight. I have read lots of good stuff about this Luminous Whitening Body Mask and of course, I gotta know whether the hype was true or not. So without waiting for few more days, I unwrapped the container and tried the mask immediately. It was exactly a week now and I just emptied this product. And now, here's my thoughts about Bare Skin Signature Artisan Luminous Whitening Body Mask.


All the ingredients of the body mask is kept inside this plastic container and you'll know exactly later why. You will find the three main ingredients inside: the gluta rice powder, milky solution and luminous whitening soap. You will also find a wooden stick (shocks, I forgot what it's called) which you will find so useful later on to for you will have to use it to mix the product. Overall, I would say that the packaging looks clean and functional as well. But I would appreciate it better if it has more descriptions displayed on its body.

Scroll down to see the products that you will see upon opening the container.


About the size of a typical soap, this accompanying luminous soap is molded to look like a beautiful yellow flower that suds creamily and is gentle enough to clean the skin without any irritation. Because it is a whitening soap, it tends to dry the skin when used with the remaining ingredients in the set so application of a reliable moisturizing lotion is very much encouraged after taking a bath. Additionally, this soap is almost fragrance-free so you won't find it bothersome at all.


Among all the products I have found inside, this milky solution, I think, is the secret key to the instant and effective whitening effect of this product. It smells a little sweet yet sour (well, because it is a solution lol) and has a translucent creamy liquid inside.


Finely milled and opaque white in color and texture, this is the main ingredient in the mixture. For every container, you will have 500g amount of this powder which you will be mixing along with the milky solution and some water.

It comes with a small paper inside where the direction for use is written. Well, as you can see, the steps are quite few and easy to do so...yeah, let's get going!


So you see, the container has it's purpose because you can use it to mix everything in. Put all the ingredients inside (as simple as that) but of course, you might want to follow the given steps for organization lol. The fourth picture shows that everything is blended already but be informed that that consistency is what you will be getting after putting at least half a cup of water on it. The milky solution alone is not enough to create a batter-like consistency. Do not worry if you think you put insufficient amount of water because the liquid tends to evaporate later on and you would end up mixing water again to revive the hardened concoction.

You will notice that on the second day, the mixture will sort of bubble up and overflow. I stored mine in my closet and then the next day, there were mess everywhere hahahah! So I advise you that after mixing the product, you store it somewhere where it will not taint anything.


After mixing, you will get a creamy white batter-like consistency that you have to use anywhere in your body. After minutes, the product will feel powdery on the skin and a bit drying. The application is quite messy in the bathroom because of the white films but it's fine because it's easily washable with water.


You can choose whether to apply the product only on certain problematic areas or all over the body. I like applying it all over my body with spoonfuls of the product. But first, I do not forget to clean my skin with the Luminous Whitening Soap before I let the concoction sink into my pores for 30 or more minutes. I tried not rinsing the product with the accompanying soap but I ended up having white cast all over. Mind you, it does look a little odd haha. So I advise you to rinse the mask with the soap after application so it will not be too drying. One container lasts me about five uses but it still depends on the area you are applying the mask on.


My camera may not do justice but this product, surprisingly, works! I already noticed it on my first use since my skin turned significantly brighter and even more radiant. My skin turned at least a tone lighter or more although I still was not able to get rid of tan lines after 5 days of using. I believe that is possible though with further use or if you really put your best effort on target areas. However, if you are having bad cases of flaky skin or excessive dryness or even sensitive skin, I would advise that you do some patch test first. Do not forget to slather a lot of moisturizer afterwards for the process may be too drying. I do not have sensitive skin and this product did not cause itchiness or any irritation of any sort.


I like this product a lot given its proven effectiveness without the pricey tags! I might repurchase should I be able to inject more leisure time because using this product takes too much of my rest times lol. I do not like staying too long in the bathroom because too much soaking in water may really strip the skin of its natural moisture. Still, if I am in need of fast whitening, I know what to buy and what to do! Thank you, Bare Skin for introducing this innovative product to me.

Have you tried Bare Skin Signature Artisan Luminous Whitening Body Mask? Does this interest you? Happy blogging!

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