Sunday, May 14, 2017

Simple Guide On How To Find Review Posts On My Blog Using The Labels

Hi, everyone! If you are reading this, you might as well be interested on how I organize things here on my blog. I know I have too many labels (you can see the key words on the left side of my website) and you might find it hard to look for the exact review of a particular product you are looking at. While you can use the search bar--the easiest way to locate something on my blog--sometimes, it does not work especially if you type wrong key words. Here's the most frequently used labels though.

General key words
  • Reviews - any type of product as long as it's there for a review post
  • Random - for personal stuff, thoughts
  • Makeup - any makeups whether it's a lipstick, foundation, eyebrow makeups, tints, etc
  • Skin Care - any skin care products whether it's for the face or body
  • Fashion - for fashion-related posts
  • Hauls - posts about my recent purchases or sponsored items
  • And so on

Specific Key Words / Type of Product
  • Type of Product. I organize my review post by putting the type of product on the label section so all related stuff will come out once you type it or click the specific word. (e.g. foundations, lipsticks, facial wash, facial scrub)
  • Depends On Its Use. For products that should be used for the face, click 'face care'. If it's for the body, click 'body care'. If it's for the lips then it's 'lip care' and so on.

  • If you are looking for products under a particular brand, kindly look for the name of the brand if I have it there on the label section and all products manufactured and reviewed under its name will come out. (e.g. Mac, Makeup Revolution, etc)
And yeah, that's it! Hope this guide will help you find the right product reviews/posts here in my blog. Even though I have too many labels, don't worry, you can easily find key words because they are in alphabetical order. ;) Happy blogging!

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