Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Summer at Hana Natsu Resorts Pool, Morong, Bataan

We were treated to a Bataan summer escapade last April 30, 2017 by my cousin, Kuya Jojo. Originally, the plan was to go to a beach resort where he and Ate Janel had been before (due to hospitable staff probably) but we ended up basking under the sun in a pool resort instead. I'll tell you why.

We left at around 2:00 AM that day and arrived in Bataan around 7:00AM. That was hours of journey but I do not mind because I was very sleepy lol. Upon arriving to the place, we were greeted by queues of buses, jeepneys  and other private vehicles waiting for parking and cottage reservation opportunities. We should have known that the next day was holiday so people were really running into beaches to relax and beat the heat of the sun. We spent more hours looking for beach resorts which was not so hard because they seemed to be built just beside each other. Seriously, there were so many beach resorts just around the area! Unfortunately, we can't find even one which still accommodate new comers.

Because of this, I am advising you to book a cottage prior to visiting the place especially during peak or holiday seasons. In search for more resorts, we traveled farther to Morong, Bataan where we found a place just not exactly where we were aiming to spend the day. We have no choice but to stay at Hana Natsu (sounds like my name, I know). We were advised though that the beach was not too far away and that we could go if ever we wanted the ocean breeze.

We know people are aiming at beaches, probably the reason why Hana Natsu was not crowded at all. Still, there was this huge parking space not too far from the pools.

There were also lots of shower rooms and although showers are functional, I was kinda disappointed with the place's hygiene.

If you want to cook fresh food, there's this cool grilling area which can accommodate almost five cooks lol. The big boys in the family went to the nearby market to purchase tuna which was really huge. I was really amazed as it's my first time eating ONLY a slice but the size of my two hands combined!

For our lunch, we had grilled porks, tuna, etc that add to the summer vibe!

There is only one cottage in the area and I don't know if they are having this for customer reservation. The place that we rented were just tables and monoblocs and that's about more than a thousand bucks for more or less 15 seats. Seriously, the cottages were too few given the number of people that could fit the sizes of their pools.

On the brighter side, I think I prefer this because the people were too few, sometimes we think we rented a private pool because we're only the ones swimming from morning until noon lol. If you are wondering, they charge P200 per head which was already a relief given the fun and enjoyment that we gained for spending summer here.


  • 2 Slides - The pool resort has two slides: one which directs to the most shallow pool and one to the deepest.

  • A large pool divided into 3 - the first one has 3 feet water, then 4-5 feet for the middle and maybe 5 and a half for the deepest part. Each pool was really wide so we if you really want to practice your swimming skills, you might want to try going here!

  • Fresh and tranquil surrounding - the environment was surrounded by coconut trees and plants and greeneries which calmed my senses. I don't care anymore that we did not end up swimming on a beach because I was contented already just by looking at the trees lol.

  • Dolphin statues emitting waters - There's a lot and we spent time enjoying the gentle massage it gives lol.

At around 6:30PM, it was time to go home. It was just a scene I always wanted to see so I captured this view of a stunning sunset with trees silhouette. I hoped we spent overnight but everyone has to rest, of course. No worries though, at least I get to discover a paradise where I will always be looking forward to be coming back into. If you are headed to Bataan, maybe you could drop by Hana Natsu and chill with your families!

Hello from my family! We're not complete because some were eating. -_-

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