Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Happy Organics Fruity Peel Skin Resurfacing Bar Review

The Happy Organics Fruity Peel Skin Resurfacing Bar
Bought for: Free | SRP: P180 (?)


Lighten and brighten skin tone with micropeeling; AHA rich soap; has all natural-fruit blend that excited cell tunover; soften skin; with Yogurt and Sugarcane juice to exfoliate; moisturizing gentle peeling, anti-aging and skin lightening benefits; For all skin types

Hello everyone! I just started my very first job this Monday and I am still adjusting to my schedule. Because of that, I sort of lacking on time to blog so I promise to make up on weekends when I don't attend to shifts. For now, I am going to review The Happy Organics Fruity Peel Skin Resurfacing Bar which I received I think a couple of weeks ago from The Happy Organics Laguna. I did not make it too long doing a test run because I easily see results as fast as 3 days, really.

So I've been coming across The Happy Organics for quite a long time already on Instagram so I was really ecstatic receiving samples from them because they are one of the most successful manufacturer of 100% natural and organic-infused products.


Who does not like packaging that looks like customized for your personality? I personally love this floral paper cover because I like floral designs for one thing. I would like to commend The Happy Organics for coming up with these type of packaging that seems like they are not only selling goodies, but friendship as well. I do not know if I am making any sense, but I think of it as a beautiful present, I do not even want to unwrap it lol.

I have seen from their website that the original look of soap is white with combination of pink, yellow, blue etc. so I think they have improved the formulation by now.


I am kind of intrigue in terms of the soap itself because I don't know what the blue green and black part is. I think the center is made of famous lightening ingredients, maybe like Kojic Acid or what and speaking of which, I'd like to point out that it does not display the ingredients so I don't have any idea what are the actives infused to it. The black part, though, may be bleaching components (just a guess! Don't kill me if I'm wrong lol).


Again, I'm not good at describing scent but I'm telling you this does not smell overly-fragranced at all.


This soap lathers well on skin and does not melt easily on soap dishes but you still have to put it in a dry area to prolong the product. Its claim is to provide micropeeling effect and I noticed it on my third day, yes, that fast. I can see some small peeled skin every time I apply my lotion. I still have tanned skin from my Bataan getaway and now I notice that my skin is becoming more even and I know I'm getting rid of tan lines in no time. The soap will not dry your skin out provided that you don't let it sit on your skin for minutes. I like to do the other way though. I like to stay on the bath for more minutes before rinsing the product so I get dry skin but it's not something that can't be solved with a good moisturizing lotion. I don't think I have to pay much attention to the anti-aging claim because that really takes time and I am still 20 years old. Though I have to agree that it suits any skin type because it's not irritating on skin, does not sting nor makes skin itchy even after minutes.


For the price of P180, I think this soap is worth the repurchase. I like effective micropeeling soaps because they brighten my complexion and this is just one of the few which really delivers. What more? It's safe, cruelty-free and made of only natural ingredients!

Please do let me know if you want to repurchase. I'd be glad hearing your feed backs! Thank you! Happy blogging!

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