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Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet Review

Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet
Bought for: Free | SRP: P55
From: Vedette

Being someone who is really dedicated to work, I feel like me-times are now impossible. Even pampering sessions at home which I used to do before were something I usually neglect now. Being a beauty junkie, I should never let this happen so just recently, I decided to at least incorporate masks in my skin care regime at least twice to thrice a week to revive my tired and dull skin. Even though I am lacking time to go to salons and have my maintenance facials, I am grateful for the loads of mask sheets now available in the market. Picking up the day's 'flavor' seems so convenient. Now, I can sleep with mask on, so in a way, I am able to maximize my time even more.

Going home from work just the other day, I never felt so restless in my life. But! I'm scheduled for another mask session (this time with my Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet) and I am not the type of person to break what I say so...enough with my blabbering and let's proceed to the brief review about my experience with this mask sheet from a Vietnamese brand, Vedette, which has been a cult favorite and another awesome skin care discovery for me!

Free from harmful ingredients!


The mask has Kiwi and Yoghurt as its active ingredients and being an enthusiast of beauty and skin care items, I learned that they are proven effective in giving wonders to the skin. Kiwi (one of my favorite fruits) is rich in Vitamin C that rejuvenates the skin, aids in the regeneration of skin cells, controls oil, possesses anti-aging properties that make skin firm and supple, whitens skin, and aids in soothing and preventing skin problems. Yoghurt (one of my favorite food as well!), on the other hands, is known to be a great source of Lactic Acid which also prevents aging, moisturizes skin, fights acne, treats skin problems and tightens pores among all other benefits.


After washing my face and patting it dry, I put the mask on and rest for minutes until my skin absorb most of the product. The only time I remove the mask on my skin is when I felt like the sheet is almost dry and sticking to my face.


The product has light citrusy scent that is wonderful to my senses. It just adds to the calming effect I felt upon usage. Nothing overpowering.

Sorry for my ugly bare skin!


The packaging is very clean, simple yet informative. The whole sachet is even bigger than other mask sheets in the market. Upon opening, you will see that the mask itself is soaked well into the solution. There are even liquids left inside which you can use after you remove the mask for further moisture. You may also want to apply it on the rest of your body so it's not only your face that gets to receive nutrients. The mask itself fits the shape of my face perfectly which I really like because I have round face and most Korean face masks have structures different from mine.


Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet is suitable for all skin types. I have oily skin so I quite am expecting some greasy or sticky feel after use. Turns out that there was very little sticky feel which is another point for me because most of the masks I used before were all super sticky and greasy that I cannot withstand the feeling so I rinse the products off  my face with water. This product is gentle as well for I did not experience any tingling sensation or signs of breakouts and other adverse reactions. Using this for more or less 30 minutes, I notice that my pores became less visible and my face brightened up a bit. My complexion was soft and smooth and I get rid of rough spots on my nose and chin area.


Overall, I highly recommend this mask to everyone. What's there to lose, right? A sachet is super affordable st P55 and is effective in reviving tired and dull skin! If you have dry skin, expect that the product will sink right in and would give you that extra moisture your skin needs. Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet is a really good skin care discorvery and I would love to try out their other variants soon!

Any thoughts about Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet? Happy blogging!

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