Monday, May 15, 2017

Wild Coconut Beach Sand Coconut + Earth Clays Mud Mask Review

Wild Coconut Beach Sand Coconut + Earth Clays Mud Mask
Bought for: Free | SRP: P145
From: Wild Coconut PH


Clay mask to treat acne and skin problems. Made with all natural earth clays to adsorb toxins and oils from your skin. No water added. No preservatives. All natural.

Hey, guys. I'm feeling lazy right now 'รงause it's Monday and I'm going to work tonight (yie, kakeleg lol) but I have to publish one single post before I go prepare. This will be a brief first impression about Wild Coconut Beach Sand Coconut + Earth Clays Mud Mask which Wild Coconut sent me along with a couple of products from their organic skin care line. So...let's get started!


The packaging is really nice for me with the stainless screw closure. I don't know but it appears like a legit natural product for me hahaha. Unfortunately, it lacks the ingredients list but probably it's just made of clays and other beneficial ingredients. Even if it's bulky, I would prefer bringing this with me anywhere because it's lightweight and is travel-friendly.


This product comes in a powdered form with fine milled pigments, definitely a mask with no water added so you will have to mix it with a small amount of it before applying to your skin. It is a bit mess to apply but do not worry for it won't stain your bath room floors and it is easy to clean up. For the paste to turn a little thick, you will have to mix an ample amount of the powdered clay, otherwise, the mask will be runny. Just like other clay masks I have tried before, the pigments of this easily dissolves in water so it does not double up as a scrub.


It smells very mild or almost nothing so you won't have any problems with it.


To be honest, I like masks that have cooling effect or has a refreshing fragrance and this one feels plain on the skin. However, I like how it gives an 'extra' clean feeling after rinsing it with water. It effectively makes my pores feel tighter and my skin seem more polished and brighter without any irritation or itchiness. On my first use, I notice two fresh bumps on my forehead and I thought, "Oh no." I tested it for one more time and good thing, there was new bump the other day after my second test run. Maybe, my skin is still getting used to it. Let's see for few more days though.


For now, I am liking their Life's A Beach Coconut and Milk Salt Scrub better. I'm more on the neutral side pa with this mud mask and I'm going to see for few more days if this would work in lightening my blemishes. And of course, I will update you, guys! Now I am eyeing their whipped coconut butter because it looks so delicious lol. Colder days, here I am looking forward for you lol.

Have you tried this mud mask from Wild Coconut? Any comments? Happy blogging!


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