Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bare Skin Exotic Aquamarine Soap Review

Bare Skin Exotic Aquamarine Soap
Bought for: Free; SRP: to be updated
From: Bare Skin

I easily get intrigued with products that do not look and feel the way they are supposed to be. One of the  newest products in the organic world that we might find interesting is this Bare Skin Exotic Aquamarine Soap which is surprisingly at no exact shape and color. Its name really speaks to what it looks like: has a texture of a rock which can be found in clusters at the bottom of a vast ocean. Cute right? Compared to other typical soaps, this one is almost the size of my hand but feels like it has no weight at all.

Bare Skin Exotic Aquamarine Soap


When I received the soap, it was wrapped in a pink paper with a nylon tied on it. I don't have any idea if this is the typical packaging for this certain product but it's what inside that matters most.


It smells so mild with a subtle scent of sweetness. It very much reminds of the scent of that (uhm, what do you call it???) hardened icing drops that melts on the mouth which were a cult-favorite back during my childhood years and maybe up until now. It is really a breath of fresh air since we are all used to heavily-fragranced soaps--those that smell either floral or citrus-y or a combination.


On the first time I use this soap, I was so afraid that one soak in water and it would melt down because of the lightweight and icing-like texture. Seriously, if I try to press a little hard on the soap, I would see my fingerprints imprinted on it lol. Good thing, it did not melt on soap dishes quite easily. The first time I tried lathering it on my body, I thought it was super gentle since I only get to see tiny suds on my skin. Using it for few more days and it would lather well eventually. I do not know if this would be a good thing for you, guys, but this soap leaves a slippery sheath on the skin upon lathering which is a bit hard to rinse off. I guess this is because it is a moisturizing soap.

This soap did not irritates skin nor made it itchy even after letting it stay on my skin for a few more minutes than usual. After every wash, my skin feels fresh, well-cleansed, smooth, soft and tight without excessive drying.


If you are looking for gentle, all-natural and cruelty-free soap, Bare Skin Exotic Aquamarine Soap is something you all should try. I have already tested four products which are hand-made by Ms. Rowena and I can say that all of them did not yield any side effect on my end. Given that it's mild on skin, I think it would suit whatever skin type you have: normal, oily or even sensitive ones. I don't have major problems on my skin right now and I'm even quite contented with my current skin complexion so I'm not aiming for anything else as long as I know that I'm putting healthy stuff on my skin.

So...does Bare Skin Exotic Aquamarine Soap interest you?

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