Saturday, June 24, 2017

Clean Your Pores With Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip X Review

Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip, 6 grams
Bought for: Free | SRP: P10 (more or less)
From: Freebies from online purchases

Just recently, I noticed that I kept on receiving sample sachets of the ever-popular Pilaten Black Head Pore Strips as freebies from my online purchases. Since I have been hearing good stuff about them, I decided to finally give them a try although I am not really much of a peel-off-mask fanatic. Surprisingly, I am having good experiences with this product. For the detailed review, please keep on reading!


The product is kept on a typical tiny black sachets with Korean (is it?) letters on it which obviously I don't read. This is why I pretty much relied on online sources for more information about it. I believe that this product comes in a bigger container (tube) and is super affordable at less than P100 a piece. Since it comes in a pocket-friendly size, I would prefer bringing it during travels so I don't get the hassle of storing bulky products and I get to save for space.


This is probably one of the cheapest peel-off masks in the market and admittedly, I underestimated its standard at first, thinking it would smell like cheap chemicals or would even irritate my skin during the process of usage. But no, it does not have any funky smell of whatever. It in fact has a subtle fragrance on it unlike other peel-off masks that reeks of glue-like scent. Indeed, those of you who are scent sensitives have nothing to worry about.


Wash your face and pat it dry. Make sure to have a clean face so the product would adhere on your skin well as oils and other dirt may prevent this product from taking a good grip of your blackheads, whiteheads and other skin impurities on your nose. Approximately two to three pea-sized of this is enough to cover the nose area fully. You might want to sit in front of the aircon or fan to hasten the drying process. There is no exact proper time of peeling it off but as soon as you feel tightness around your nose area, and the product is smooth to the touch, then it's definitely good to go.


The pore strip comes in a viscous black liquid that is easy to apply on the skin. If I may suggest, you might want to make sure that you applied the product in all areas around your nose equally and apply a generous amount of the product on your skin so the peeling process will be much easier as the mask won't tear apart or something. In my case, one sachet is good for up to two-three uses. This product is a bit messy to apply and you will waste a lot since you have to use your hands but the good thing is that, this is so affordable.

Black Head Pore Strip  in action


For its price, I did not expect much. But I was really surprised that the pores on my nose seem to look more refined and clearer and I got rid of blackheads pretty fast. There was slight refreshing minty feeling upon application and it helped me relax my senses. Usually, my eyes tend to tear up every time I'm peeling off products like this on my nose area but not with this. There was less tugging and for me, the adhering ability is pretty much average but I like it that way since I feel like I'm not giving my skin a hard time.


For me, this product is a good buy not just because of the fairly good price point but it's really is helpful in cleaning the pores on the nose area. I tend to develop blackheads and clogged pores on that part pretty much faster than any other areas on my face since that is where I perspire the most so it needs extra care. I'm glad I discover Pilated Black Head Pore Strip and will surely recommend it to everyone. However, if you still prefer the ones that have better adhesives, then you might not like this.

Anyway, any thoughts about Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip? Have you tried it? Happy blogging!


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