Saturday, June 3, 2017

Cleopatra's Secret Micro Exfoliating Rose and Milk Soap Review

Microexfoliating Rose and Milk Soap
Bought for: Free | SRP: less than P100
From: Cleopatra's Secret PH

Recently, I discovered an organic soap from Cleopatra's Secret PH and it's called Microexfoliating Rose and Milk Soap. Because I have always liked the word 'microexfoliating', I was so eager to do a test run for this soap from one of the booming online shops which deals all-safe and natural products for bath and body needs. I kind of like the branding because Cleopatra's skin care regimen and beauty secrets are very popular among all men and women all across the world. Some of the beauty ingredients known today were even popularized by the Queen herself. So I guess, me missing some of these (products inspired by the beauty rituals and practices of Cleopatra) which are even more convenient to have now is something of a big deal.


Cleopatra's Secret PH came up with very simple packaging yet appeals very personalized. It feels like gift because it's wrapped in a paper and is secured well upon shipping. It also displays the main ingredients but I would like it better if the claims are indicated at the packaging as well as it's expiration and manufacturing date. The soap itself is hard and does not easily melt on soap dishes.


Since it is summer time, I like to stay under the shower a little bit longer and more often than usual. I wash my body twice a day now--one sesh for soap with towel and then wash it again with soap alone. It may sound like I am overdoing my skin care, but yes, I am lathering the soap on my skin at least four times a day. That's why I am too fast to consume soaps, really. I like to leave the soap on my skin for at least 5 minutes before rinsing off so the product would really work. Just keep scrolling down for more information!:)


This soap smells just fine to me, lathers really well and is non-irritating. I did not feel any itchiness or irritation even though I let it sit on my skin for minutes. It can also be non-drying provided that you don't let it sit for a while of course unlike other soaps I have tried before that's really drying no matter what the circumstances are. Though I could not vouch for significant lightening of complexion, I could say that after every use, my skin becomes smooth and soft, brightened and more radiant without peeling and the likes. I seldom break out on my back or shoulders but recently, I'm having those and thankfully, this soap did not worsen them or trigger any more infections.


If you want alternatives to drugstore soaps or want to eventually switch to organic and natural products, I would recommend you try this soap from Cleopatra's Secret PH. I just don't think I would repurchase because aside from my will to try out different products in the market, this soap does nothing more than what I have mentioned above. However, just like what I have said, it won't hurt trying this because it is mild and gentle on the skin and not to mention, it's safe and affordable.

So what do you think of Cleopatra's Secret Micro Exfoliating Rose and Milk Soap? Any comments? Suggestions? Happy blogging!

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