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Get Soft and Smooth Skin With The New Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Body Wash and Soap

Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Body Wash (200ml) and Soap (80g)
Bought for: Points | SRP: P80; P28.75
Bought from: Sampleroom

Hello everyone! I have discovered something recently while I was browsing at Sampleroom! I did not know Palmolive has body wash in their skin care line already before that. Whoa! Knowing their shampoos which all smell so lovely and long-lasting, I just can't wait to try their newest products too! This is the Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Body Wash and Soap with 100% natural milk protein extract. I like products with milk on it because they smell so nice and yummy as if they can be eaten. They are also nourishing, brightening, moisturizing and making skin soft and smooth. This is why I am always looking forward to taking a bath lol.


CLAIMS (as per Sampleroom):

Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Soap’s formula is infused with 100% natural milk protein, helps nourish and reveal whiter skin in just 1 week*, so you can flaunt your naturally milky white, milky soft skin. Its rich formula contains mild cleansers and natural whiteners that help moisturize and leaves skin looking radiant. Its long-lasting fragrance gives you a pleasurable bathing experience. *Based on mexameter instrumental reading when used twice daily


For the best lather apply a small amount of liquid to a wet sponge or cleansing puff. Massage onto body, then rinse well. Not to be used for children under three years of age.


The packaging for Palmolive body wash are almost the same with their shampoos, nothing fancy or anything. However, I really appreciate that it's loaded with information like claims, directions, Ingredients, expiry date, etc. One bottle with 200ml of products retails for as low as P80 and it claims to last up to 50 washes! This is definitely one of the drugstore body washes that are so affordable and economical to use!


The body wash is sheer white in color and has a bit of a runny consistency. Unlike other body wash in the market, this seems to have a thinner consistency so I ended up having wasted products every time I take a bath because it just slips from my hands. Maybe you could try applying it directly to sponges/towels so that you can maximize your use to it. What I use every bath is a spoonful of Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Body Wash and it's already enough to create a lather that could give the skin some extra cleaning.


This is a typical Palmolive Soap that is housed in a box with detailed information about the product. It comes in an opaque white color and by the looks of it, I think this 80g soap will last me more or less two weeks. Just like other Palmolive soaps, this one does not melt easily on soap dishes. It also smells similar to the pleasant scent of the body wash and is non-drying to the skin despite its whitening claims.

Before I apply the body wash to my skin, I make sure to cleanse it with Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Soap first to ensure that the body wash will lather afterwards. In the Philippines where the weather will make you perspire extremely, you sure will be covered with oils and dirt at the end of the day and lathering products on your skin will take extra effort. I'm sure it will take spoonfuls of the body wash before I get squeaky clean skin. With this soap, I can have well-cleansed skin in just one application.


I really like the new Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Body Wash and Soap! They make me smell so great after wash and they even linger on for few minutes to hours! Using them both makes my skin smoother, softer and even looks healthier! I did not even find them irritating on the skin so these must be a really good steal considering their affordable price point. I highly recommend these to everyone especially to those with dry skin who needs more hydrating cleansers like this.

Have you tried The New Palmolive Naturals White+Milk Body Wash and Soap? Let me know if you decide to get your free samples at Sampleroom! Happy blogging!

*Not sponsored. All claims are true and are based on my experience.


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