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Glam Republic Skin Care Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40 Review

Glam Republic Skin Care Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40
Bought for: Free | SRP: P380/each
From: Glam Republic

Claims: Glam Republic Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40 has premium skin whitening essentials. It is made from real fruit extracts that whitens the skin tone evenly and naturally. Guaranteed to give you a beautiful, youthful looking skin while keeping you healthy within. Specially formulated to whiten dark spots on skin caused by acne, freckles, and melasma. It whitens and smoothens darkened and sun-damaged skin. It has SPF protection against the sun’s harmful effects. It moisturizes and softens fine lines and wrinkles. It aids in cell regeneration and renewal. It minimizes pores. It prevents breakouts. It is a perfect make-up base/primer. As a hypoallergenic cream, this product is highly recommended even to the most sensitive skin. Instead of spending money on expensive lotions and creams, try using the Glam Republic Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40, and experience instantly whiter, smoother, and glowing skin naturally in just 7 days!

I am really so excited to share with you, guys, one of my recent skin care discovery. It was not too long ago after I have stopped using organic moisturizers on my face but I'm getting back to the game when I received these mini jars of Glam Republic Skin Care Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream in the mail. I always had this vision that this will be a cult-favorite among organic beauty consumers. Why? I'll tell you why, just keep on reading! :)


The product comes in mini plastic jars and is sealed to ensure freshness. The packaging itself looks simple, earth-friendly, information-loaded yet so chic to my eyes. It is also lightweight and is convenient to bring during getaways. However, since this comes in a jar with a huge opening, it might be exposed to dirt and other contaminants and is generally, unhygienic. What I advise you to do is to ONLY use clean hands when scooping up the cream or use a cotton bud instead so it will not be a breeding ground for germs or bacteria. Secure it as well by tightly closing the lid when not in use.


This product reeks strongly of floral fragrances which I love so much! It does linger on skin for quite a while and...I don't know, I became just obsessed with it. However, those who are not fond of floral fragrances and those who find strongly-scented creams bothersome may think the scent is a little overwhelming.


The cream has a creamy white whip-liked texture that could create a drastic white film on top of your skin (both face and body) if you put an excessive amount. This could be traced to the whopping SPF content of 40. Half a pea-sized amount is good enough for both face and neck to avoid looking pale and ghostly. It is one of those creams that could either 'make' or 'break' you. In short, too much will certainly not look good and a little bit is more than enough to give you that instant boost of radiance. Since it creates strong white cast, it tends to settle on fine lines and pores as well so, really, the best way is to use it sparingly. The cream (still because of the white cast) is a little hard to blend on skin but it's quite buildable without being patchy. Just be patient and you'll surely see wonders afterwards. It is non-sticky and matte in finish so it suits even the oiliest of skin.

Glam Republic Skin Care Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40

Swatch of Glam Republic Skin Care Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40


My camera may not do justice to my swatches but in actual, my skin is more radiant than what's showing in the photos. This cream provides instant whitening to the skin and give it a healthy glow and radiance that stays all day. I am not the type of person who opts for moisturizers every now and then given my oily skin but I could not resist feeding my skin with this. I use it every night before I doze off and surprised to see my skin looking so glowing in the morning. I can use it even in the morning to shield my skin from harmful UV rays. I could apply this alone if I want a fresh and natural look or layer it under foundations or BB creams as a primer/base product and it's just as good. Typically, creams with whip-like texture tend to make foundations looking patchy and gives a tugging experience but not with this cream. What I also find interesting about it is the fact that it works well with my current skin care and is not breaking me out. The cream is gentle on skin, applies smoothly without any sting or pain.

Right now, I am not after whitening of the skin so I don't pay much attention to its whitening claims. Using it past a week and I don't see any significant lightening yet. Of course, it would take a really long time to be able to provide substantial proof of lighter complexion. Still, I really love that healthy boost of glow every time I apply it and that's what I am always looking forward to since I have dull and tired-looking skin.


I just really love this cream. I rarely say I love a product so this must be true. Although P380 is already a pricey moisturizer, I think it's worth the repurchase because a little of this goes a long way and a jar has 50ml of product inside. That's about good enough for months use (still depends on areas you put this). I highly recommend this no matter what skin type you have for it's safe, cruelty-free and is hypoallergenic. It is absolutely an all in one cream that delivers.

So what do you think of Glam Republic Skin Care Organic Whitening Face and Body Cream SPF40? Thinking of purchasing one? Happy blogging!

*These are sponsored products but claims were written with all honesty.

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