Sunday, June 25, 2017

June Haul: Bought and Sponsored

Time flies so swiftly. We're almost past half of 2017 and here I am, nothing's changed--I'm still spending non-stop (lol). But I'm quite proud of myself this month because the amount I spent for these items were nothing compared to what I usually spend before. Anyway, just like how it used to be, expect that whatever products featured here will be included in my to-review list. Let's start!

1. Palmolive Naturals Healthy and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

These are my all-time favorite shampoo and conditioner from Palmolive because it cleanses my hair really well without drying it. When I saw these duo at Sampleroom, I know I have to repurchase. It was right on time because we were running out of them already.

2. Palmolive Natural White + Milk Body Wash and Soap

These are the newest products of Palmolive in their body care line. I spotted these at Sampleroom as well and decided to give this a try. I have been using these for quite a while so stay tuned for my review!

3. Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brush Set and Shading Brush

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that I will save up to collect Real Techniques Sponges and Brush Sets before I decide to level up my makeup skills lol. I know it pays to have good tools so I'm investing on great ones from now on.

4. Panda Sleeping Mask

Working on a graveyeard shift means sleeping in the morning. It's kinda hard to fall asleep with light everywhere so.

5. Watsons Interdental Brushes

These are on sale (P20 off) so I bought two for my braces hehe.

6. KKOT Lip Balm

So far the best lip balm I have tried. It is non-drying plus it gives subtle tint to lips every application because of the color-changing technology. It smells nice as well and even my friends at work love it! Review here.

7. A Concept: A Shape of My Face Triple Contour

I want to learn how to contour so I bought this. Also, I have loads of highlighters but not a single one contour makeup lol.

8. Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip

I always get sample sachets of these from online purchases and this time time I decided to give it a try. I just wrote an article about it here.

9. Belo Talc-free Powder

This is also a new product of Belo which I was so excited to use before since I love powders (oily skinned obsessions). I love that it smells nice like babies and the pigment's are gentle and fine enough for daily use.

And these are the products for my June Haul! Let's see what I will get the next month! Can't wait to shop a little bit more! Happy blogging!


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