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Pimple Gone With Purederm Cooling Hydrogel Acne Treatment Gel Patches? Yes or No?

Purederm Cooling Hydrogel Acne Treatment Gel Patches
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From: Purederm

It was not too long ago when I suffered from breakouts due to stress from lots of school works, poor eating and sleeping habits (thank goodness, I'm a graduate now!) and whatnot. Sounds familiar? Even though you take care of your skin too much, there are still lots of factors that could stir up acne. Don't blame yourself, sweeties, things like these happen lol. It's not as if you know when you will develop zits, right? The best thing you can do right now is to give it some extra care and treatment that will surely work.

Here's just few things I'd like you to take note of! First, do not touch the inflamed areas especially with your dirty hands. Second, do not rub too much especially when washing the face. Be careful not to pop zits and make them swell even more!!! Third, treat them with effective pimple-fighting products. Last month, I was introduced to Purederm Cooling Hydrogel Acne Treatment Gel Patches and it became one of my current staple in skin care.


The patches are housed inside small silver packets which are so convenient to bring anywhere. a single packet has 10 patches inside which is quite handy. These packets are to be found in a bulky box which I keep on wondering why Purederm has to make this quite enormous that even 20 packets could fit inside!

Each box is simply designed with loads of information such as descriptions/claims, how to use, storage, ingredients, expiry and manufacturing dates. Look! It even has the actual size of patches displayed at the back!


I apply these patches (once a day before before sleeping) on affected areas after cleaning my face, once everything's been fully absorbed. I just get patches depends on how many zits I need to cover and keep the rest tightly sealed after using to secure the product.


The product has an unnoticeable scent to it or is barely-there so you won't have a hard time adjusting to it if you are very sensitive to scents.


As you can see, the patches are flesh-colored but still noticeable on the skin. The other side has a clear gel-like texture which has the active ingredient to soothe pimples, I believe. It is also a bit sticky so it would adhere to the skin instantly. If you don't like sleeping while looking crazy, you might not like the idea of these patches, kidding hehe. This product has no cooling effect on skin just like what's on its name so I was kinda disappointed. The adhesives is a bit of a turn off because I always end up waking up losing all the patches on my face. Sometimes, I would just be surprised 'cause there are patches underneath my bed or along the pillow cases. The best advise I can give you is to behave while sleeping so they won't fall out lol.

The first time I use it I had four average-sized zits on my face (as you can see on the photo below). I applied the patches at night and I was really surprised that the swelling reduces the next day and the size look smaller as well without excessive drying. I thought that maybe they worked since it's my first day but on the third day, my zits were all dried up!

Sorry for the ugly, naked face lol


I am glad I was able to use this product. It comes very handy especially whenever I have sudden breakouts but I have to go attend something important the next day. I highly recommend it to everyone since it effectively soothes breakouts and is easy to use. Effect is pretty fast as well. It's reasonably priced and is widely available in department stores, drugstores and other leading supermarkets nationwide!

Have you tried Purederm Cooling Hydrogel Acne Treatment Gel Patches already? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!


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