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Purederm Clean and Fresh Peeling Gel Review

Purederm Clean and Fresh Peeling Gel
Bought for: Free | SRP: P99
From: Purederm

Before, I was not someone who preferred putting on masks, peeling gels and other types of skin care products on my face because time requirement was just so complex with all the cleaning, application, soaking/drying process. I tend to be so impatient in terms of taking care of my skin that was why I used to keep products in my routine as simple as cleanse, tone, moisturize and scrub (which I find even better than other steps there are). Now that my skin is always dull and tired (lack of sleep and stress due to work), I think it's now the proper time to give it generous amount of nutrients from products like this peeling gel to keep it healthy and young. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Description, How to Use, Cautions


Purederm Clean and Fresh Peeling Gel, formulated with Apple, Lemon, and Orange Extract, deeply cleans pores, gently exfoliates, removes dead skin cells and refines skin surface. Skin is healthy looking and refreshed.


It has Apple (which is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, Copper and antioxidants), Lemon (rich in vitamin C and citric acid that help brighten and lighten skin) and Orange Extracts (loaded with vitamin C vitamin A, enzymes, etc).


The peeling gel comes in this sachet with a nozzle covered with a twist-off cap which I find unique. Most of the peeling gels I know comes in jars/tubs so this one is really convenient to use and is travel-friendly. Since it has this twist-off cap, spillage or even dripping will be avoided. This also ensures that I will not have to use my finger to scoop the product from the container (that's unhygienic!) for the gel easily dispenses if you squeeze a little. It also has 50ml of product inside so I think this will last me beyond 5 uses which is kinda economical given its price point. Important descriptions, ingredients, manufacturing dates, cautions and directions are completely included in the packaging as well.


It has a subtle citrus apply scent which I think no one will find bothering. It instantly calms my senses and gives me a freshly-scented feeling.


As per its name, it's a peeling gel which I first doubt upon seeing the light consistency of the product. Compared to other peeling gels I have tried before, this one is a little runny in consistency and is more like a mask than a peeling gel. It has a pearly white color and there are tiny particles which you will easily feel once you apply the product on your face. I like that it has this kind of scrubbing properties so exfoliating the skin and removing rough areas is super easy. I can use it everyday while skipping mask and scrub at the same time since the moment you apply this product, you can leave it there for few minutes (as mask) before massaging completely to get rid of skin impurities (as scrub).


Few seconds after spreading this on my face, I notice the tiny particles which falls from my face and I know it's the peeling gel with dead skin cells on it. Peeling gels do not literally peel your real skin by the way, they just resemble peeled skins but it's only skin impurities, primarily dead skin cells, which they tend to absorb so your skin will be instantly refreshed afterwards, leaving it so soft, smooth, hydrated and even brightened.

This peeling gel does not sting my face and is not harsh at all so I'm currently loving it. My face isn't really sensitive to it nor breaking out from frequent usage so I keep on using this daily as part of my skin care routine.


This product has a good price point for the amount of product that you get. Since I find it gentle on the skin, I recommend this even to those who have sensitive skin types. I would not replace my favorite St. Ives Apricot Scrub for this though since I prefer something a little abrasive to exfoliate my skin.

Anyway, have you tried Purederm Clean and Fresh Peeling Gel? Share your thoughts with me! Happy blogging!

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