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The Happy Organics Rose-C Rosemary Glow Boosting Facial Gel Cleanser Review

Rose-C Rosemary Glow Boosting Facial Gel Cleanser
Bought for: Free | SRP: P220
From: The Happy Organics

Every now and then, I am supposed to tweak my skin care routine and incorporate some products I hope will work for my skin type (oily and acne-prone). Nowadays though, I became even pickier with what I apply to it because I am hopeful that the skin care I invest on will compensate for my lack of sleep now that I am working. It was a huge relief when I receive a gel cleanser from The Happy Organics because drugstore foaming cleansers are total disasters for me. It was a long story though, but I'll start by telling you that for me, (this is in general) gel cleansers are better for oily skin. They are gentle, non-drying and could fit for all skin types. As per some recommendations, the more you remove the natural oils from your skin with tough cleansers, the more your sweat glands are most likely to compensate for the lost moisture by secreting excessive oils.


The cleanser comes in a small transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap and is designed with floral patterns. Dispensing the product is kinda hard though because the bottle is not really squeezable so you have to turn it upside down, tap slightly a few times and wait for the gel cleanser to come out. However, I find it so convenient to bring during getaways because it's travel-size and lightweight.

The Happy Organics Rose-C Rosemary Glow Boosting Facial Gel Cleanser

In a plastic bottle with a flip cap


The gel looks tinted pink from the bottle but comes out looking transparent when dispensed. The consistency is runny and smooth and I don't know, but just by looking at it, I see how gentle it was made. You may not see it from the bottle or even when dispensed, but it has jojoba crystals (you will feel it once you lather it on your skin) that's why this gel cleanser is a good facial scrub as well. The crystals though are not spread out so you might want to shake the bottle first before using.

This cleanser would not be a perfect match for you if you have issues on products that does not lather much like foam cleansers. Others do not like the concept of gentle cleaning from gel cleansers because they think they are not really capable of deep-cleansing the skin. I still like it just as is because it felt non-drying to my skin and is gentle enough to be used multiple times.


It has a strong floral/herbal fragrance. I am not saying I don't like it but if you are very sensitive to scent, you may find this a little overwhelming.


Just like what I have said earlier, the formula is not created to be sudsy but I could use it for the second or third time if I feel like my face is not clean enough. On days when I'm wearing heavy makeup, I tend to use cleansing wipes prior to washing my face so to not give this cleanser a hard time.

Every after use, I notice that my skin feels so soft and smooth, even looks hydrated and bright. This can be attributed to the number of not just active but organic ingredients such as different lightening plant herbs, soothing aloe juice, fruit distillates of green apple, pineapple and sweet orange and rose damascena and olive leaf.

Upon application, I did not feel any irritation, itchiness or any signs of adverse reaction to my skin nor sudden breakouts of any type.


P220 is a bit pricey for someone like me who has tight budget so I'm really hesitant if I would be able to repurchase or not in the future. Still, I would recommend this product to everyone (whatever skin type you have) if you are searching for gel cleansers that are really mild, organic and natural and cruelty-free. So what do you think of The Happy Organics Rose-C Rosemary Glow Boosting Facial Gel Cleanser? Share your thoughts here with me! Happy blogging!

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