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Vedette White Tea Purifying Peel Off Mask Review

Vedette White Tea Purifying Peel-off Mask
Bought for: Free | SRP: P55 
From: Vedette

Claims: Vedette Purifying Peel-Off Mask is an alginate-based smooth paste that serve as a second skin once applied, creating a skin-tightening effect for a flawless appearance and radiant clarity; purifies and smoothens skin while moisturizing it; removes dead skin cells, blackheads, acne, oil and dirt; enhances skin’s absorbability of other skincare products

I am now proud of myself because no matter how busy I can be, I never neglect taking care of my skin anymore and I am able to maintain spa sesh at home that includes convenient to use products such as masks (big thanks to the founders!!!). Recently, I tried Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet wherein I had lots of positive feedbacks. This time, I will be talking about their White Tea Purifying Peel-Off Mask and let's see which variant I like better!

Claims, Directions, Ingredients, Expiry dates


The product comes in sachets with loads of information like claims, ingredients, directions for us, expiry and manufacturing dates in different languages. They said a piece is sufficient for 2-3 uses but it appears to me that a sachet is just good enough for one use. Haha! I have tried peel-off masks before and you could only get to have a 'good' peel if you put a generous amount on.


I forgot what exact scent this product has (you know I am bad at describing scents) but I know it smells a little like glues which I do not find too bothersome. However, if you are used to good-smelling masks, you might find this a bit off-putting.


This mask comes in a clear and very viscous gel form that is so sticky so it adheres well into the skin once applied. I did have a hard time putting all of the contents into my face because I kept on putting layers on (lol). My mistake though. I should have applied generous amount the first thing I applied it onto my skin to avoid tugging. Make sure you apply this evenly and wait for 15-30 minutes (depends on room temperature) or until the mask is completely dried before you peel it off. I like staying in front on the fan or air conditioner while I have mask on because I find it more cooling and refreshing. And your mask will dry even faster!

With mask on (left), after (right)


The dried mask reminds me very much of dried glues lol. I can barely move with this on because of the tight feeling. Peeling the mask would hurt a lot especially if you have facial hairs like me. It pretty much hurt almost everywhere but I don't mind, I'm use to it lol. If you have none though, I am pretty sure peeling the mask won't be of a hassle.

I'm glad I put a lot on because I peeled the mask without tearing apart so it's much more easier. I thought it can pull out whiteheads or blackheads on my skin just like other peel-off masks but it just pulled tiny hairs and a little bit of dirt. Although it's true to its claim since it does remove dead skin cells on the skin as well as skin impurities such as dirt and oil! My skin was very soft and smooth like baby's butt after removing the mask and I noticed that it got glowing, bright and well-moisturized! Usually, I know my skin reacts badly to certain peel-off masks if I develop whiteheads/tiny white bumps on my skin but not with this product from Vedette. There were no sudden breakouts s well. 

Sorry for this photo. Just want to let you see how it looks like haha!


Overall, I like this Vedette White Tea Purifying Peel Off Mask but I'm liking mask sheets even more because those are much easier to use and are a lot refreshing to tired skin like mine. Still, I would highly recommend this product to all skin types especially to those with oily skin because this mask could be mattifying but not drying. It is formulated with white tea known to maintain healthy skin. It is safe to use twice a week and is reasonably priced.

Does Vedette White Tea Purifying Peel Off Mask interest you? Let me know if you want to purchase one for you! Happy blogging!

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