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Not Fond of Dramatic Contour and Highlight? Try 3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker!

3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker
Bought for: Free | SRP: P771
From: Sephora Philippines

Here's my thoughts about the product which I have been doing a test run with the past few weeks to give a better dimension to my face or lessen the appearance of my chubby cheeks and forehead (hay). Having good numbers of experience with K-beauty products, I had such high hopes with this-- oh well, every k-beauty stuff entice me just the same. Anyway, to give you a little background about 3CE, it is a brand created under Nanda and just because I was so curious, I made a visit on their website and figured out that the brand even sells apparels like clothes, shoes, etc.!

I am currently obsessing contouring and highlighting makeups. Lately, I'm buying lots of highlighters without realizing that I only have a reliable bronzer at hand. When Sephora Philippines collaborated with me, I took the chance and bought myself a product with highlighter and contour in one. This is the 3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker which I am going to talk about today.

Claims and ingredients

3CE STYLENANDA MAGIC TOUCH FACE MAKER (as per Sephora Philippines)

The 3 Concept Eyes Magic Touch Face Maker from Korea creates natural looking shadows on the face by creating natural highlights and contours. It gives flawless and luminous looking skin with a smooth and pearl-like finish, while giving you a natural or semi-coloured glow, depending on the natural shade or colour you choose. Benefits: (1)All shades and colours are toned down to avoid too much colour on the face. (2) The low tones and mild shading colour give the skin a more natural look while creating highlighted shadows.


The product comes in black compact type of packaging with a smooth matte texture. I also appreciate that it's not some kind of Korean products that are deprived of any information written in English (lol) since I am still after those which I can get tidbits of information on before I use them. I'm really in love with the packaging because first, it comes in a black compact which I find so stylish and classy, second, it has a mirror inside so I can conveniently bring it everywhere for quick, easy touch ups.


This has a subtle scent of typical pressed powders but nothing overwhelming to it.


3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker is available in two shades: Beige and Pink for P771 at Sephora Philippines. I think both shades would pretty much suit any complexion since they look almost the same from the pan but I got Beige instead since I have slight fair complexion with yellow undertones. Both have sheer color payoff which could work both as an advantage and disadvantage.


3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker has a very lightweight consistency and has the texture of most pressed powder--a little bit chalky but applies very smoothly. The highlighter part has little bits of shimmers to it so it gives instant brightening to dull skin while the contour is matte and is in a natural-looking shade. I don't have any problems with it in terms of application for it is easy to work and blend with on the skin. I bet that this would work whatever tools you are using and that just adds up to the convenience of having this product during traveling and whenever you want to retouch your makeup.


When I first swatch this product on my hands, I was kind of disappointed on why it lacks good color payoff even though it claims to give subtle and natural looking shadows. The highlighter does not look too flashy and blinding while the shade of the contour is pretty much close to my skin type. I find it hard to manage it at first, but I just got the hang of it. What I do is apply a bit more of it since I have a lot to correct in terms of the shape of my face (I have chubby cheeks, wide forehead to minimize the appearance of). The good thing about it though is that I always never end up looking having too much contoured look for it gives only a soft shadows on the skin without harsh lines. This product is more like 'mistake-proof' makeup for me since the shade that I got really suit my skin type and gives natural gradation without going a little too overboard.


In a country when the weather is not favorable to makeups (not to mention the oily skin I have), I tend to lose all sorts of colors on my face as speedy as 4 hours because I perspire and oil up pretty fast. I have oily skin all over and even highlighters and contours are products that no matter how hard I try to keep in place with a good primer and setting powder, the efforts are just wasted.

The pigmentation of this product fades as fast as 3 hours on my skin before it's ready for another quick retouch. I also find that the contour fades faster than the highlighter OR MAYBE it's just my natural oil that gives extra boost of glow. Still, this product is not at all impressive in terms of longevity.


I do not have regrets getting this 3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker since it's a perfect makeup for beginners. It actually helped me a lot in both the highlighting and contouring department since I now have the knowledge on how much gradation I need to achieve a good face shape without looking fake and edgy. I highly recommend this product to makeup enthusiasts out there but if you prefer better pigmentation and intensity for contour and blinding highlights, then you might not like this. Still, this is a good product for everyday use if you know how to perfectly blend the color on your skin. It is also quite affordable compared to other palettes in the market.

Let me know if 3CE Stylenanda Magic Touch Face Maker interests you, deal? Happy blogging!


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