Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Celebrating 7 Years of Love and Hate

Is it loyalty when your partner tells you that someone has a crush on him/her or is chasing him/her around when you are not in the action? I think not. It's mostly him/her telling you how you should be proud having him/her as your partner and partly warn you that thou shall not mess up. Loyalty, however, is when you are committed to someone else and when everyone is after you and you don't give a damn. It is when everything seems falling apart but you are holding on to what you have and still after the joy that he/she brings whether you are close or far from each other. It is when you would rather choose to fight over the pettiest things than seek calmness with someone else and after the day, you still choose to love him/her. It's sometimes needed a break, but not at all being distant. It's you choosing to love him/her even in the next lifetime.

I'm glad I've found someone loyal to me. Thank you for the 7 years of love-hate relationship. Congratulations to us, we've made this far! I know there will be lots and lots of years to come so there's time for more cheesy lines. Te amo. I'm looking forward to our golden wedding anniversary.

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