Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lily's Touch Medicated Astringent Review

Lily's Touch Medicated Astringent, 100ml
Bought for: P250
Bought from: an online shop

Here's a short review on Lily's Touch Medicated Astringent which I bought months ago.


Reduces the appearance of freckles and melasma; Reduces the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation; Lightens pimple marks; Tightens pores; Lightens Skin naturally; Repairs and Rejuvenates dull skin; Improves skin texture leaving a supple and glowing skin; NO mercury or any harmful ingredient; Safe and Effective


The Lily's Touch Medicated Astringent comes in a transparent plastic packaging and a cap that shuts tight with a click. It also does not leak or spill. It also has important information like description and ingredients. The only problem is the lack of manufacturing and expiry dates (most of Lily's Touch products do not contain this) so I will never know they are still good enough for consumption. For more information, kindly look at the photo below.


This product does not reek of alcohol and is tinted yellow. It also says to be the second skin care product to use and the moon sign at the right side indicates that it is only for night time use.

What I probably like the most about it is that it dries to a matte finish so my skin does not look and feel sticky or greasy or super hydrated. In fact, I am more in loved with toners that dries fast and into matte as I look like someone who does skip toners and moisturizers but still could have skin that's fresh-looking and bright skin!

It does not present itself as toner or cleanser but I would consider this as one because of its ability to clean the skin well and make it look clearer. It also does not cause me to breakout or feel any irritation on skin.


I don't think I would repurchase since I like my current toner from Bioessence better. Although Lily's Touch Medicated Astringent cleanses skin very well, it does not prevent pimples from coming back. Although if you want to try an all-natural and cruelty-free products, give this one some chance.

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