Friday, July 7, 2017

#SomeoneAsks Why I Always Wear Neutrals

Hi, everyone! I wanted to start a new series here on my blog entitled "Someone Asks..."--the idea is that I will be answering random (and even weird) questions asks by anyone wherein I have explanations on. It will also depend on the inquiries if I feel like they need thorough reasoning (odiba, defensive ang peg lol) or even interesting in a way that others may learn from it as well. Anyway, here's how it started...

Some of my neutral favorites. Believe me, I have more of these than the printed/colorful ones.

Ever since I started working, I became inclined to the idea of wearing professional-looking clothes to project something like a more matured appearance. I know I can easily ace this if I wear something like a dress paired up with a blazer, even dainty skirts paired with blouses. However, I am not fond of wearing contemporary pieces like those since I don't find them comfortable for daily wear. What attract me most are snug-fitting jeans, a simple plain shirt or a monotonic textured one paired up with neutral shades of bag and shoes.

Now, you might be thinking I dress like dead. :(

Don't get me wrong, I like wearing pastels, floral and printed apparels as well to showcase that 'kikay' in me but it's very seldom since I am always too lazy to pick up shades and try to look for the best match for them. As time goes by, I learned the art of mixing and matching printed to the neutral pieces I have and fortunately, come up with decent looks.

Neutrals like white, gray and black go with almost anything

Still, the easiest way for me to dress up is to find a white, gray or black shirts since they go easily with almost anything, whether a denim shorts, skirts or jeans without looking a little off the dress code. Moreover, if you paired this simple tops with a gold or a silver Casio watches, or even stainless jewelries and stylish bags, you will already look like a girl with class--someone just told me.

Diclaimer: I am not really a fashion guru. I have my own comfort and style. I do not follow the trend very much. And I experiment with the few pieces I have. :D


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