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Top Lily's Touch Product For Me: Lily's Touch Diamond Polish X Review

Lily's Touch Diamond Polish
Bought for: P750
Bought from: an online shop

To date, I have tried 5 products from Lily's Touch -- the brand where the famous Miracle Cream sprouted. To name them, they are the Diamond Polish, Miracle Cream, Miracle Soap, Snail Serum and Medicated Astringent. I came across this famous organic skin care brand while looking for the best products to incorporate in my skin care regimen. Guess what? I found another treasure which I will surely repurchase and won't let go of!


Diamond Polish is a Peel in a jar, 5x more effective than the usual diamond peeling procedure. Now you can take it home and do it yourself. The ultimate skin exfoliator made with Corondum Micro Crystals from Sweden. It is very gentle and gives the skin a diamond peel effect leaving it smooth, poreless and toned. Diamond Polish is made with corundum micro crystal from Sweden. Corondum crystal is the second hardest natural mineral known to science (next to diamond). These tiny micro crystals polish the skin and help remove scars.


Lily's Touch Diamond Polish comes in the same packaging as the Miracle Cream--with inner lid and is not travel-friendly due to its bulky shape. I really appreciate it even more if there's an accompanying spatula to scoop the product inside so in that way, I won't have to dip my fingers with the possibility of making it a breeding ground for bacteria. Anyway, just make sure to dip only clean fingers should you wish to use it. Overall, the packaging is simple and neat with sufficient information such as claims, directions for use, ingredients and expiration date at the bottom.


It has a subtle floral scent which I really love. I don't think those who are sensitive to scents will find this overwhelming.


The product looks milky white in shade, you might mistaken this for miracle cream. If you touch the product though, you will feel a little roughness on the cream because of the corondum micro crystals which claims to perform that scrubbing and gives you the effect like you just got out of a facial salon after a diamond peeling session. What I like most about this product is the finely-milled crystal which isn't too abrasive on skin. In fact, I find other face scrubs I have tried before a lot more abrasive and has larger chunks of exfoliators on it.


Once a week for dry skin, twice for someone like me with oily skin. Actually, a pea-sized is enough for the whole face and neck. I do not apply more than that so even though P750 is a bit pricey, you will still get the most out of it. Imagine, I am still using this one tub and it has been more or less 5 months with one to two usage per week! What I always do is let the product sit on my face after massaging it in circular motion for more or less 10 minutes before rinsing off the formula. You can also apply it on parts of your body that you think are more problematic, you just have to apply a bit more pressure on it to get rid of rough areas.


It claims to be gentle on skin and could instantly give a diamond peel effect on skin and make it smooth pore-less and toned. I was really a bit apprehensive with this claim because nothing really gives my skin that substantial glow and pore-less effect in an instant. Not until I get to try this--my face became smoother and softer and a lot more glowing than before. It instantly buffs away rough areas on the skin even with only a little amount. Although my skin do not look like my pores have shrunken in size nor my zits and marks has come to reduction, I still love it as it effectively give off that slightly polished skin no other scrubs can do.


I had a Diamond Peel session at Bioessence some time in April, and just like most outcomes, it gave me that instant polished look, brighter and firmer complexion that stays like that for weeks. Lily's Touch Diamond Polish does the same but the main difference is that Diamond Peel gave me the most substantial and long-lasting effect so I wouldn't say that LTDP's claim that it's 5x more effective is a fact. Comparing the prices of both products (LTDP at P750 and Bioessence Diamond Peel at P500), I still think both has good price point and both's worth the repurchase.


I highly recommend this to anyone, whatever skin type you have because this is non-drying and is non-abrasive. It's a high maintenance skin care but I think it will all be worth it given all the wonderful effects. I think this is one of the best products of Lily's Touch and I hope they won't stop marketing this one.

Have you tried Diamond Polish from lily's Touch? Any concerns, comments or questions?

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