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What's With Snail Extracts x Lily's Touch Snail Serum Review

Lily's Touch Snail Serum
Bought for: P550
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A lot of people are swearing by the effects of Snail Slime on their skin. Nowadays, it has been one of the key ingredients for a lot of anti-ageing products that are being sold in the market--may it be serums, masks, creams, and even makeups. Why not? They have significant effects on most skin and take pride in treating acne, scars and wrinkles. I am pretty sure we all have noticed some, if not huge, difference from our skin years back when we were teens compared to how they look like now. For us, beauty enthusiasts, it can be alarming but fret not, because science's always here to aid us. I, who is two decades old, am already developed fine lines under my eye area and on the side folds of my lips which get even more obvious when I smile. I have oily skin as well but sometimes it tends to get taut and dry even when I am using a gentle cleanser. Girls, we are not getting any younger, thus, the need to be more cautious on what we put on our skin takes priority.

Lately, I have found myself stocking up on anti-ageing products that are infused with snail extracts. In fact, I already bought eye cream, masks, creams and now, serum which add up to my growing collection. Although I can not use them all at the same time, there's just this unfathomable joy in having them displayed in my vanity area. They came in cute packaging and even the formula feels luxurious (lol).


CLAIMS (as per Lily's Touch Beauty Enterprise)

Snail serum was popularly used in Ancient Greece as an ingredient to reduce inflammation. It is known for its regenerative properties and facilitates the restoration of damaged tissue and replenishes moisture in skin. It is also effective in treating acne and scarring. Snail serum contains a patented technology using secretion filtrate of snails that encourages the skin to repair itself. Snail secretion filtrate diminishes appearance of dark spots and discoloration of skin. It is the perfect product if you want to slow down the ageing process of your skin. This is good for: dark under eye, scars, melasma, warts, visible pores, dark circles, puffy bags,wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dull skin. It is dermatologist-tested, FDA approved, tried and tested, Mercury-free, Paraben-free and all natural ingredients


The product comes in an amber-colored bottle with a dropper and comes with a good amount of 30ml of serum inside. To be honest, I kind of like this type of packaging because it looks a little bit between prestigious and clinical. Dispensing the product is quite easy as well but still unhygienic for me since I'm not fond of packaging that allow easy entrance of air--you never know when it possibly carries all sorts of contaminants. And since this is fragile, you might want to take extra precautions in storing or even bringing this during getaways.


The serum smells of subtle floral scent that is not overwhelming even to the most sensitive noses. It smells very delicate and I like it.


Lily's Touch Snail Serum comes in a yellowish fluid that are closer to the properties of oil more than water (kindly refer on my swatch down below), thus, a bit runny and smooth to the touch. I am used to serums that feels like putting on water with some moisture but Snail Serum is quite different, probably because of the Snail Slime. It is still more lightweight than oils though and can be absorbed easily by the skin. However, it leaves a little bit of a shiny layer upon application and feels sticky to the touch.


I am either using this once or twice a day after cleansing and toning my face by massaging the serum in a circular motion. Although, I mostly refrain from incorporating it on my daytime skin care due to the fact that it makes my skin super oily and sticky at midday. Just to set your expectations, I have super oily skin. So if you have skin like mine, you might want to limit your usage to a single drop per application. Anyway, a little of it would go a long already so you won't have any problems distributing it on your face, neck and decollete areas.


Having an oily skin, I even had to rely on serums than creams to supply just the right moisture for my skin. To be honest, the formula of Lily's Touch Snail Serum is quite different from others which I have tried. Usually, I don't have problems in terms of applying serums under my makeup due to their lightweight and non-sticky consistency. I dare say that Lily's Touch Snail Serum has a thicker consistency that is not suitable to wear under foundations or BB Creams because it will really turn you into a grease ball if you have oily skin. Nonetheless, this is still lightweight on its own. If you have dry to normal skin type, you won't have troubles using it.

I never fail to use this product on my skin before sleeping because I love how it makes my face look so firm and bright upon waking up. Just set aside the fact that your skin looks super greasy and sticky, anyway, no one's looking lol. Also, it effectively smooths out all rough areas on my skin and gives it the proper hydration it needs. I have been using it for only a few weeks from now but I already see some changes in the color of my pimple marks as they have turned significantly lighter and less obvious. I will continue using it for more updates!


Although the only downside I had with this product is how it makes my skin super oily and sticky, I would say that I still like Lily's Touch Snail Serum because it really works to repair the skin and gives it a healthy glow. A bit pricey on the tag, but a little goes a long way. It claims to be good for one month consumption but I think it will last me for more than a couple more months. I'm using this for weeks now but I have barely consumed a quarter of it. Overall, this is a. good steal and I'm pretty sure that everyone who's more concerned about slowing down the ageing process of their skin will appreciate the effect of this product even more. After all, I don't have lots of fine lines and wrinkles to work hard on. Cost-effective, luxurious, and very moisturizing--words that best describe Lily's Touch Serum.

Have you tried this product already? Does this interest you? Happy blogging!

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