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In A Nutshell: Why Eye Creams Are Important ft. Elizavecca Golf CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream

Elizavecca Golf CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream
Bought for: Free | SRP: P400
Bought from: Althea

While we can simply use our facial creams on the eyes, we can't just hide the fact that our eye areas are very sensitive parts of our visage which needs not just extra attention, but a different skin care step as well. It ages, develops fine lines and wrinkles faster and tends to be drier than the rest of our face. Sun's harmful rays and normal aging hasten these problems. But eye creams are developed in a way that they are much thicker, creamier, more moisturizing and even loaded with more active ingredients than ordinary creams to target these troubles. Our delicate eyes needs even more delicate treatments which is why eye creams is a necessary step in our skin care if you want to prevent signs of aging.

For the past months, I have not been getting enough sleep everyday since I was a graduating student who fixed a lot of things and once I got my first job, I became a night shifter. Add the fact that I've hit 20 already, I noticed that my under eye areas are not anymore the same as before. I developed dark under eye circles, and even fine lines which get more obvious every time I smile. This alarms me so I started taking care of it not too long ago by incorporating eye creams in my daily skin care regimen. One product which got into my radar is this Elizavecca Golf CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream which I am going to review today.


The product comes in a very cute white tube with gold designs. Even the cap is colored in gold which is why it appears so classy in my vanity area. The pointed nozzle dispense product quite easily and hassle-free. It is also very travel-friendly and  hygienic to use since there is no direct contact with the product compared to those eye creams in a jar. I just purposely did not take pictures of the box because everything's written in Korean and I don't understand even a single letter. Sad. But what I did was read the claims on Althea's page and here's what it says.


This product is full of nutritional ingredients (Swiftlet Nest Extract which makes skin healthy, moist and glossy + Volufiline which makes skin smooth and elastic + 24K Gold for brightening and skin beauty). It has excellent moisture sustainability (Liquid crystal emulsion system) and makes skin brighter and elastic (Whitening and wrinkle improvement).

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This product comes in a pearly white shade that is very creamy, bouncy, and soft to the touch. Compared to ordinary creams and other eye creams I have tried before, this one is a wee thicker but blends easily on the skin. However, it does not get absorb fast, could be because of its excessive emollient properties.


The scent is very subtle but you can catch a whiff of sweetness to it.


I am using this for a month now and I am using it twice every day to see if their would be significant results. I only need a very small amount every application since a little goes a long way already. Even though eye creams are quite more pricey than regular creams, this will last you for months, believe me. I am using this for weeks and I think I barely consumed 5 ml. Although there hasn't much change in terms of my fine lines, there are noticeable improvement in the size of my eye bags at the very least. This product was able to minimize puffiness and darkness of my under eye areas even though I am not usually getting enough sleep.


I love Elizavecca Golf CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream for it gives my eyes sufficient moisture it needs while preventing puffiness. I can also use it for other dry parts of my body such as hands and feet and all I need was a meager amount to give them the hydration they need. I love the creamy formula and scent which is why this is a highly recommended product to everyone. Let's start taking care of our eyes, girls!

Does Elizavecca Golf CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream interest you?


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