Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

You've gone in and out of boutiques several times in malls and you still haven't fully decided what to give someone? You dragged your friend or someone else just to help you pick the best option only to end up knowing you just wasted a whole bunch of your time and effort just because they wouldn't like what you've just bought or wouldn't fit them well? You went home with a box of chocolate cake and end up knowing that mocha is much preferred? I'll give you a tap on your back 'cause I got you. You can't blame them, but it's frustrating all the same.

I guess what makes us even more frustrated is when we expected they will go sentimental even over the simplest thing we took pride in giving them because we thought we've figured out what they want when we really haven't after so many attempts. How could they not like it after you've almost stressed yourself out thinking what to give? However, people change and so are their fondness for something. You can't give an old hag some chocolate cake, you know? You can't give your brothers some fitted shirts when they are almost bloated. You can't give even the most fashionista mom some mini skirt she just complimented a few days ago. Maybe she wants to see you wear it and not ever imagine wearing it herself. In the end, it seems like it's all your fault.

But still, you keep on trying. How could a few disappointments stop you from giving when it's thousand folds more satisfying to see the people that you love smile in appreciation? How could a simple "thank you" makes you remember that love is for all season? Now that Christmas and a few birthdays are just a few months away, thinking of what else to give them is becoming more and more challenging.

What we could give...

Letters. While it's given that we could do simple things for them like cooking food and buying their cravings or even sending them personalized items, writing a letter that's full of love and appreciation undermines all the material things that we can give. There's just something special with letters that seem to hold promises and you'll keep looking back at it no matter how many years have passed.

Favorite things. Admit it, we won't have the guts sending stuff to someone who we don't know very much. One of the fool-proof gift giving ideas that we can give someone is something that is close to their heart--something that they are inclined or passionate about. It makes them appreciate the present even more because you remembered what they love.

And now, I've got here a unique solution that would make gift giving extra special!


It's the #1 gift certificate in the world with over 9,000 partnered establishments to choose products from!


It's the official gift certificate of the #1 mall in the country!

You might haven't think about it yet but some gift certificates is a win-win gift idea for all occasions! It's like giving them the best gift ever for they have the liberty to choose from thousands of merchants on what to get for themselves whether it's for some clothes, food, groceries, leisure...almost everything under the sun! You can also include a personal message when you send this to your recipient. With this, you don't have to stress yourself out thinking what would they like and you save strength for bulky gifts as well! 

These wonderful gift ideas are made possible by GC Regalo for it offers the best hassle-free solutions to your recipient. And another thing about it is that it offers the lowest price online and you don't have to spend for shipping for a minimum purchase of P2000! Start the gift-giving now and make everyone happy!


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