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Online Shopping and Selling With Shopee Philippines

First of all, I was not sponsored in any way to do this post. It's just that I have realized that I have my Shopee Philippines App installed in my old Oppo Neo 5 for two years straight now. I do not intend to let go of it either until the end of time (oh diba, may forever with Shopee!). There's just too many of good experiences I had with Shopee Philippines that I think it deserves some feature, you know. This is just a little way of showing my appreciation and commendation to all the people behind the growing online shopping destination.

I love shopping online--it's my escape after a stressful day even way back when I was still studying and up until now that I am working (means more moolah to buy things!). Oh, how I missed visiting malls but being a night-shifter, I lack the time from now on. Good thing, online shopping has been made more convenient that we can shop while we lie down on bed and expect the parcel right at our doorstep.

MY EXPERIENCE -- AS A SELLER (@hannapoleng)

I started selling stuff on Facebook years ago to clear my closet and declutter. I switched to Ebay, to OLX, down to Instagram and two years ago, to Shopee. I remember why I first created my Shopee account. It was recommended by a friend who, like me, started selling preloved stuff. She received free delivery for her shop when she signed up which is a very good thing since online buyers preferred that. It's just a very wonderful feeling whenever we get to have our ordered items free of shipping, right? Anyway, I send her some of my clothes for her to post on her account and I noticed that my items got sold out faster. I eventually took the leap and signed up and there it began. I just use my Shopee account to sell preloved items but after 2 years, I am so happy that I was able to find mothers to my (over) 500 items consisting of clothes, skin care and other apparels.

I know that the free shipping helped me out a ton. I can also put my items on discounted prices as easy as 1, 2, 3 which means more buyers! I just wish Shopee Philippines won't kick me out the group.


With all the promotions Shopee Philippines has to offer, I even wonder why they are not losing money (lol). Seriously, you'll love a lot of things once you signed up for an account! Here are the things (and more) which make Shopee Philippines a cut above the rest.

  • Free shipping or discounts on shipping fee. This is for approved shops only. You will get free shipping for orders above P500 and discounts on shipping fee for less than P500. Every now and then, they are also having promotions that on certain days, items worth P100 or P250 will be charge P0 for shipping.
  • Best Customer Service Experience. This is the only shopping destination that I get instant replies every time I have disputes over something I sold or purchased. They reply within 24 hours and they make sure to update you with the status of your inquiry. Best customer service indeed.
  • 50% discount / P150 off to selected items every Monday and Saturday / P100 off every Tuesday / Flash Deals. They are the only online shop that give away vouchers worth P150/P100 every week on selected items.
  • Orange Days. They have what they call Γ“range Days wherein a lot of items are on their unbelievable sale prices, you'll surely want to hoard a lot!
  • Weekend Sale. They are hosting weekend sale (and yes, that's every week, Friday-Sunday), with items are as low as 90% off!
  • Easy browsing. Items are well-categorized so you won't have any problems browsing. You can filter items depends on their category, prices, etc!
  • Guarantee of safety. The best thing about Shopee Philippines is that they hold all payments so both seller and buyers are protected. They give both buyers and sellers multiple options for the best transaction experiences ever. Which other site offer refund/return arrangements as easy as a click? Buyers have the power to raise disputes if they did not receive the item or allow Shopee to release payments to the sellers once they receive their orders.
  • The latest: Shopee Wallet. Shopee now does not direct all payments on your registered bank accounts, but keep them in what you call 'Shopee Wallet' which you have the options to deposit on your bank account or use to pay items just in case you want to buy some items. Ex. I sell stuff online so all earnings accumulate on my Shopee Wallet which I also use to buy stuff online. The best thing about it is that Shopee Wallet, a virtual wallet, is one of the payment methods so you don't have to pay over the counter. Just as long as you have sufficient balance on your wallet then you can choose it to pay your items.
  • Shopee Coins. Ex. P100 worth of product is equal to 100 points which are also equal to P1 which you can use to get a more discounted price on your order.
  • Easy tracking of parcels. No need to provide waybills for buyers can track their parcels as soon as the rider picked up the item.
  • They can hold items for up to 5 days. Once you choose Bank Transfer as your mode of payment, you are given 5 days to settle your payments so there's no need to rush. You can switch paying from Bank Transfer to Shopee Wallet, etc within that 5 days so you get all the guarantee that the items are yours!
  • You can make offers and leave feed backs to each other. There are ways to communicate with sellers/buyers for even better transactions!
    • Portability. Earn and shop anywhere, anytime with ease!

    • Couriers does not arrive sometimes even after scheduling pickup twice.
    • It takes time before a single transaction gets completed. I'm not taking it against Shopee but there are failed pickups so reordering is necessary (sometimes, buyers don't cooperate anymore once order has been canceled or once they already receive the item.) Shopee are allowing days to transfer payments on wallet and it takes days as well before it gets reflected on the bank account if you prefer to deposit it).

    Up until now, people are asking me where I shop online. Whenever I tell them where, I get confused faces asking me, what's that? Is it like Lazada/Zalora? It's a bit saddening to know that they haven't heard of Shopee Philippines when, for me, it is, by far, the best shopping destination. I even get proud of myself whenever I figure out they had consider my recommendation.

    Whooo, I've said a lot! Don't disappoint me, Shopee, I am counting on you for more memorable shopping and selling experiences! ;)


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