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Skinature Second Skin Mask Brightening in Goat Milk Review

Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask
Bought for: Free | SRP: P130
From: Althea Philippines
Also available: Bird Nest and Collagen

Recently, I am experiencing breakouts again on certain areas of my face--mostly from jaw and chin going downwards to neck. I think this results from having irregular sleep and stress due to work which I can not prevent. Having a graveyard shift is not really healthy for the body so I'm trying very hard to eat properly and maintain a good diet with frequent vitamin intakes to combat fatigue and stress. I even stopped using anything on my face but my holy grail Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser to keep my skin from further breakouts, irritation and dryness. To make long story short, I thought that some mask sheet treatment would calm my face and is one of the best way to pamper myself. I, then, tried Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask which Althea sent me during their 2nd birthday. For my thoughts, please keep on reading.

CLAIMS (as per Althea)

Moist Skin By Water Supply. Skin vitality care and discharge of skin waste keeps the skin healthier. It also recovers moisture balance which was broken by skin dehydration and excessive sebum secretion and soothes tired skin.

Skin Texture Improvement By Dead Skin Cell Cleaning. Lactic component in goat milk removes old dead skin cells to make the skin smooth and moist with no skin irritation.

Strong Skin By Strengthened Barrier Against External Factors. Goat Milk which contains most similar components with mother's milk, maintains the original health of the skin and helps keep the skin healthy regardless of external factors (stress, environment, etc.)


The product, for me, is really cute and classy with that very simple yet neat design and matte white packaging. Inside is a well-moistened piece of mask sheet which according to them is made of 100% cellulose texture using natural cotton which makes the skin absorbs all the nutrients it has while still being compatible and non-irritant especially to those with sensitive skin due to its soft and highly adhesive properties.


The mask sheet fits my face very well and is moistened enough to be left on your skin for an hour without fully drying. Even after I take the mask off from its case, I still notice that there are lots of essence left inside which I use to moisturize my neck, elbows, hands and feet. I even had a few to reapply on the mask sheet once it turned a little bit dry. To hasten the absorption, I stayed in front of the air-conditioner and dang! It feels so refreshing!


It has a subtle floral scent which is not overwhelming.


I haven't tried a lot of mask sheets before but among all the few brands, this one has the most lightweight formula. The product sets easily on the skin without any sticky feeling but is enough to moisturize especially those with dry skin. Usually, mask sheets leave a very greasy and sticky feeling once dried but Skinature was able to produce something more lightweight and is more suitable to those with oily skin like mine. This is still excessively moisturizing for my super oily skin, but I did not get any uncomfortable feeling which is already something so it stands out among the rest. Also, it's claim to brighten the skin is true enough and I noticed that on first use. My skin looks so hydrated, healthy and firm after using the mask (see photo below).

I told you that I am currently experiencing breakouts and using this overnight trigger even more of those dreaded infections. The nest day I woke up with a few tiny itchy cystic red bumps on my skin (those with pus!).

Sorry for my messy hair. I'm not combing it until it gets dry. :D


I am still contemplating whether or not this is a steal considering that I get a few cystic breakouts the next day. They may or may not result from the mask though 'cause just like what I have said, I am having serious case of breakouts right now but nothing cystic. Still, if you want to try something that's even more lightweight, hydrating and brightening, you might want to give Skinature Second Skin Mask a try!

Have you tried this product already? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!


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