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Sample Room Green Tea Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion Review

Sample Room Essentials
Bought for: Free
From: Sample Room

A few weeks ago, I received a loot from Sample Room from being chosen as the Roommate of The Month from March-May and apart from few makeup pieces, I also received some bath essentials with Sample Room's brand name and logo in its packaging. And so they have come up with their own new line of bath products? Well, that's something new! I'm glad I am one of the first people who got the first dibs on it. 

In this blog, I would just share my experience with their Green Tea Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Lotion which I have used recently. They came in 50ml (I believe so) pump bottles that are travel-friendly and are tinted blue and it only took me exactly a week to finish everything. Here's what I have to say!


Given the packaging, I find this product the hardest to dispense since the formula is much thinner than the others so I have to pump A LOT of times before I get the amount I need to lather my hair. It smells exactly like Green Tea which I really love! The formula was slightly tinted green but the blue bottle enhances the shade even better so it appears a little bit olive from the packaging.

This product has a thin and runny consistency and I find it hard to create suds from it. Those with thicker manes may have problem with that. Also, upon using it, I developed itchy scalp and I had a bad case of dandruff. I tried washing my hair even more thoroughly than usual for the succeeding uses and I even skipped conditioner, but to no avail. I guess my skin wasn't used to a certain ingredient this product might contain. :( 


This conditioner smells like Green Tea as well with a hint of mint--very soothing to the senses. It relaxes hair strands 'cause my hair appears straighter whenever I use this and the shampoo. However, my hair gets tangled more often and although it looks shiny on the outside, it feels a bit stiff and rough. You get what I mean? Lol.


The body wash looks like the shampoo in consistency and shade, smells almost exactly the same as well but this one is my second favorite just because it makes my skin feels hydrated after wash. It does not strip the skin off its natural moisture even though it does great in cleansing the skin. It lathers on quite easily and a little goes a long way.


The lotion is pearly white in shade, smells like Green Tea but with a slight hint of Eucalyptus mint which smells very soothing not just to my skin, but to my senses as well. The fragrance  lingers for few more minutes after application and it very much reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Perfume. The lotion blends and absorbs easily on the skin without the heavy greasy feeling. After application, my skin was always super soft and smooth! It gives off some powdery/velvety feeling without dryness. I am used to SPF-based lotion (this one does not have it), but I consider this as an exemption. I just simply love it! 


The Green Tea Body Wash and Lotion are something you should try! I just don't know if they are already selling these or if these are meant to be sold but just in case, you might want to keep on the lookout. They came in a cute mini canvas bag as well which I am now using to store my daily essentials lol. I don't have a rough estimation of the prices right now but soon maybe.

Do these products interest you? Let me know!


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