Wednesday, September 13, 2017

6 Easy Ways To Achieve Korean Complexion! #SomeoneAsks

A few people approaches me saying either my skin looks fresh everyday or that I have good skin just because I seldom breakout. A fewer times they would say that it's as if I have Korean skin that looks dewy and glowing even without makeup. What made them say that? I sometimes pretend not to have any idea aside from good skin care. But with all these compliments, I feel accomplished. That meant I did something good. But let me tell this story once and for all.

Back then, for me, my skin was flawed, blemished, ugly, yes, I didn't see any good with it at first. They don't know that I had my fair share of down times where I felt hopeless whether or not my skin would recover from all adverse reactions certain skin care and makeup products had caused me. My face was swollen with pimples and acne and I was prompt to spend thousands of bucks on useless products out of despair. No regrets though, I have now a reliable list on my mind of what worked and what did not for my skin. I had countless times that I failed finding the most suitable product but I wouldn't know that had I not tried.

It wasn't a bad thing after all--I meant having troubled skin--because you will just find yourself on the spur of the moment loving all your flaws and imperfections. Really, it was with great acceptance. determination and will that I started doing something instead of letting it be. That's what I want to tell you. Keep your faith intact and follow this 6 simple hacks I've come up (works for me!) for a skin that might not pass the standard of a Korean complexion (lol) but still impeccably gorgeous and worth wearing whether it be bare or not!

1. Sleep a lot

I noticed that my skin looks puffy and stress out every time I don't get enough sleep. Since our skin regenerates while we sleep, might as well have much (7-9 hours) so you can wake up with a face that's glowing and bright.

2. Drink plenty of water

Water hydrates the skin. You will most likely get parched pelts if you don't drink as much water as possible. Just imagine how dry soil can look like without enough water.

3. Stick to the routine that is suitable for you skin type

It's not too long ago before I stopped using multiple products on my skin (because my finding the best products for it was sort of a success). It has taken me lots of confidence before I started wearing bare skin outdoor and it was mainly, I believe, because I invest in good skin care and hygiene.

4. Use a reliable facial scrub at least twice a week

Exfoliation is a key factor in removing dead skin cells accumulated on the skin--the reason why your skin look dull. Using gentle scrubs to wipe away dead skin cells and rough spots can make your skin look clearer, brighter, softer, smoother and more polished in an instant.

5. Massage your face in circular motion

Don't forget to massage your face using a light hand to allow blood to circulate properly. I can't explain it scientifically but it can do something to improve the overall appearance of your skin so you can avoid having dull and lifeless complexion.

6. Use a brightening BB Cream or tinted sunscreen

There are really times when we can't do anything about breakouts. No matter how hard you keep up using good skin care and hygiene, there are factors like red days or hormonal imbalance that will ruin what you have. Fret not, you can use your reliable BB Cream or any base makeups to have instant fresh skin.

And there you have it! I personally do all these stuff and I swear they work for me every time! You might wanna try these hacks or let me know if you do all these as well! Happy blogging!


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