Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August Product Empties + Quick Links to Reviews

Here are the products I emptied last month and as usual, I include the links on where you can read their full reviews. I was only able to scrape down to last drop a few beauty products because I was so busy and I lack the time in giving myself some pampering session. Anyway, I am still delighted since they did not crowd my drawers at all, made me regret I purchased or used them and they would go straight to waste bin now that I have finished them up.

1. Finess Green Tea Scent Oil Control Sheets

This is, by far, the worst control sheets I have ever used. Not that it's not useful at all, but I find the sheets too thin and more prone to tearing. Also, it does not absorb sebum completely so I still find my face completely shiny all over even after consuming two to three pieces of this.

2. Musk By Alyssa Ashley

This is one of the best-scented body moisturizers that I have tried. Although it does not have any SPF on it, I love using it for it actually moisturizes parched pelts with a really nice scent that lingers.

3. Addicted To You Organic Essentials Anti-Melasma Soap

I forgot to take a picture of this soap so I wasn't able to write a full-detailed review of it. But what I like most about it is that it cleanses the skin very well and lathers richly upon application. It smells neither plain nor too off-putting, just the right citrus-y scent I'm looking for. This soap did not cause me breakouts on my back nor any irritation or adverse reaction so I think this is a gentle soap suitable for any skin type.

This products smell like Green Tea which s very refreshing and soothing to the senses. The body wash leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated--it feels  like I don't need heavy moisturizer afterwards. The lotion is a perfect complement to it for it's lightweight and moisturizing at the same time that leaves with no greasy residue.

5. Skinature Second Skin Brightening Mask in Goat Milk

This mask smells really nice and subtle. Compared to other Korean masks, this one feels lighter on skin but still moisturizing. It leaves skin with a bright glow and won't break it out.

6. Half Moon Eyes Wash Off Mask

I did not have high hopes with this mask but all its wonders were felt upon each use. My face turns brighter and more glowing, softer, smoother and healthier. It gives that Korean dewy look which I really like for it also acts as a scrub with all those tiny particles that removes dead skin cells. It does not give any long term effect (probably with continuous use, it might) but I love how my skin looks every time I use this.

7. Eyelash Adhesive

I was surprised I emptied one with all those practices in applying false eyelashes lol.

So these are the products I emptied last August! What's yours?


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