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Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder Review

Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage Loose Face Powder
Bought for: P380 | SRP: P500+
Bought from: an online shop

You know I'm a huge hoarder of any good stuff on huge sale. Right there and then when I saw that a legit online seller was having this powder on sale, I did not think twice and put it on my cart. Later that day, I paid for the item and immediately received it right on my door step a couple of days after. I had my eyes on it for quite some time (well, since I immerse myself in beauty and skin care products) and I was really delighted that, finally, I am having the opportunity to see what's with all the hype.

Claims and Ingredients


The tub is quite bulky as you can see with 65g of products inside. P500 is quite pricey at first but if you think of it, you get a tub almost the size of your palm! It's very economical since you only need a small amount to use every application. I think this tub will last me a year considering I only use it to set my foundation each time I'm off to work.

I'm actually not a fan of these type of packaging since they are fragile and not travel-friendly. Also, you still have to remove the seal (when you want to really get a good amount of product) if you don't want to waste time making powders come out of those tiny filters and onto powder brushes or puff. I personally don't use the accompanying puff as it kind of douse powder on the skin but not totally blend it.


There are a lot of shades of Coty Airspun which you can choose from depends on your skin tone: Translucent Extra Coverage, Muted Beige, Honey Beige, Translucent, Naturally Neutral, Rosey Beige, Fragrance-free and Suntan. I prefer Translucent Extra Coverage because I think it is the safest choice if you don't personally know what shade suits you best but still want to try something with a little bit of coverage.


A beauty legacy since 1935...So I have heard that the manufacturer of this product did not change the formulation of the powder. It's still the same as it's previous years, probably why I'm getting a hint of classic perfume scent on it. People may find it a little overwhelming (especially those who find well-fragranced products unbearably awful), but I personally love it. I love how it gives me added scent a few more hours after application. Anyway, you may opt for the fragrance-free variant if you don't prefer the scented ones.


The powder pigment is finely milled, soft and smooth to the touch and gives off a sheer coverage (parang fresh and natural lang, ganun). It is true that when you touch it, you will imagine cloud-like softness. According to Coty, the powders are undergoing a special method of production as it is being spun by air through a "micronizer" until it reaches its smoothest, softest and finest texture, thus it's name. The powder easily adhere to the skin and blends effortlessly due to the pigment's minuscule size. It also imparts a soft focus like finish as its blurs pores and other skin imperfections.


I'm always using my RT powder blush to apply this powder and set my foundation and I love how it gives an airbrush and shine-free finish. I would say that this powder is more suitable for those with oily skin for it effectively mattifies the face adn remove the look of dewiness or greasiness. However, it does not control oil dramatically and the longest time I have this on without looking shiny is about 2-3 hours, even longer if I only have my sunblock and this. I won't take it against Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder 'cause I know I was really blessed with super oily skin and the foundations I use may be one of the contributing factors why I oil up easily. Still, having this on my makeup pouch is quite useful in times I need a quick retouch.


This product has a very matte finish that could give a tiny bit of white cast so use sparingly. If you prefer a hydrated look, do not use a lot. I would not say it does not suit those with drier skin tone but if you are to use this, keep using it in small quantities to avoid a flat matte finish.

Usually, I tend to break out from using heavily-scented products but not from this one. I still consider it as one of the best setting powders in the market that are economical to use and effective in reducing shine on the face. Although it does not totally hide imperfections especially blemishes and dark spots  on times I prefer to use it alone (C'mon, Hanna, leave it to foundations and concealer!), I still love this product and I highly recommend it to everyone. I'm sure to repurchase once I ran out!

Have you tried Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder? Loved it as much I did?


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