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EB Cosmetics Korea Facial Foam Cleanser, Instant Whitening Cream and Aqua Moisturizing Cream Reviews

EB Cosmetics Korea Facial Foam Cleanser
EB Cosmetics Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream
EB Cosmetics Korea Instant Whitening Cream
Bought for: P15/P18/P18
Bought from: Watsons

In my brief trip to Watsons a few weeks ago, I spotted these new skin care products from EB Cosmetics. It's no stranger to me that they also mass-producing beauty items apart from their wide array of affordable makeups, but these really caught my attention. Their names look familiar? Very iWhite Korea lol. I'm pretty sure that's what pops into your heads as well, no? Aside from that fact, they also come in cute bright sachets, no wonder your eyes will lay easily on them while your looking through shelves of alike products.


I really can't help but admire the chicness of their packaging especially the one that comes in pink color. I personally don't like bright shades but here I am right now, drooling over the cutesy of their designs. They don't come in tubes of bottles as of late (correct me if I'm wrong), so you have to be careful when you bring this anywhere you go as actions may squeeze the products out and create a mess on your bag. However, those who are in tight budgets like me and those who want to try out samples first before buying full sized products, them coming in sachets is very helpful then, don't you agree?

EB Cosmetics Korea Facial Foam Cleanser

This product is transparent white in shade, has a subtle floral fragrance and foams richly once applied on skin. You don't have to squeeze out a lot because a little of it goes a long way already. Unlike other foam cleansers which seem firm and thick, this one has thinner consistency and is smooth on the touch. I am not really a fan of foam cleanser (most of them caused me to severely break out), but this one feels more gentle on skin and did not break me out once. Also, I did not experienced the sudden breakouts I usually am having because of the transition from previous skincare to new ones. What I advise you to do is slowly incorporate new products on your trusted ones to avoid irritating the skin.

Claims and Ingredients

This product claims to purify skin, remove oil and makeup residue while maintaining your skin's natural moisture. I would say it lives up to its promise of deep cleansing the skin because every time I use a cotton with cleanser or toner on it, dirt and oil seem to be less and less noticeable. However, it fails on its claim to maintain skin's natural moisture for its drying on skin. I expect it to be since all foam cleanser I have tried tightens and dry out my skin big time.

EB Cosmetics Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream

The formula of Aqua Moisturizing Cream is similar to that of iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream--very lightweight as it only feels like applying water (with a teeny bit of moisture) on your skin. iWhite Korea's more tinted and looks like droplets of water once blended though and EB Cosmetic's sheerer. Both easily blends on the skin and dries fast as well without leaving skin looking oily. Overtime though, my skin feels a little bit greasy once my natural oils start to blend with the product so I have to either blot or douse some powder onto it. I kind of expect it because I have super oily skin.

This product does all its claim and I can vouch for that. Since the facial foam cleanser is a bit drying on the skin, I can't help but reach for a reliable moisturizer that will effectively and sufficiently moisturizes the skin without the heavy feeling oily skinned girls dreaded. Good thing, I have this Aqua Moisturizing Cream that instantly hydrates the skin, gets rid of tautness and makes skin soft and smooth. Using this with other EB Cosmetic products did cause me any adverse reactions.

EB Cosmetics Korea Instant Whitening Cream

This product is a creamy white, sort of whipped cream textured moisturizer that instantly brightens out skin tone. Be careful not to apply too much as it creates strong white cast due to titanium dioxide, a known ingredient for sunscreen products or those that are SPF-based. Although it does not say exactly that this cream has an SPF protection on it, I presume it protects skin even a tiny bit from sun exposure due to this ingredient. And now that I say this, I wish EB Cosmetics would improve on their product descriptions.

This product did not break me out even though it feels warm on the skin -- due to its thicker formulation than the Aqua Moisturizing Cream. Although this product delivers moisture and make skin look smooth and supple, I still prefer lighter creams.

Moreover, this product is not a good base under foundation for it makes it and even powders look cake-y and the white cast is a bit of a turn-off. You know that I don't like putting heavy coverage on my skin 'cause I like it looking naturally fresh. On lazy days (which is pretty much every day), I prefer putting Aqua Moisturizing Cream and this alone and would layer it with a transparent powder. I was shocked 'cause my skin looked patchy and dry because of extreme white cast. I even looked ghostly pale! It's either you put only a small amount and make sure to blend it evenly using a powder brush instead of your hands (avoid this!!!) to avoid clumping and such. Also, I hate that this cream clings on pores and dry patches of the skin on the first few hours so whenever I sweat , the cream kinds of float on my skin. As a result, I have to check myself in the mirror every now and then to make sure it stays on place.

From left to right: Instant Whitening Cream, Aqua Moisturizing Cream, Facial Foam Cleanser

Here is a close up picture using all three products. I have to only use a very small amount of Instant Whitening Cream all the time because it feels a little greasy for my preference. My skin looks dewy and more even toned. All it takes is a bit of powder and you're good to go! Fresh skin lang ang peg lol.

Sorry for the shameless selfie!


I do like these products. I can't tell which is my first pick. Is it the Facial Foam Cleanser or the Aqua Moisturizing Cream? I can't decide! But definitely the Instant Whitening Cream is on my least favorite just because I find it a little bit harder to blend than the other one. Before I leave you to ponder with these whether on not you should try, here's some pieces of advise. Apply only a small amount of the products on your skin. They go a long way already. You probably might not like it if you apply too much foam because it is drying and too much creams results to greasiness. I recommend both Aqua Moisturizing and Instant Whitening Cream to everyone--whether you have dry or oily skin--just put in sufficient amount and do not overdo. These products are also made up of lots of natural ingredients and plant extracts which makes skin healthy and youthful!

Tell me if you are to try EB Cosmetics products! Happy blogging!


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