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Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Wash Off Mask Review

Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Wash Off Mask
Bought for: Free | SRP: P260/3pcs or P450/6pcs
From: Althea Philippines

I'm putting today's spotlight on another mask which I have tried few weeks ago but remembered writing about it only just now. I guess I was just so preoccupied and pressured on what to write about the past few days making me forget all about it. It just so happened that I was going through my list of product empties for this month and voila, I spotted an empty capsule of Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Wash Off Mask and now I'm ready to share my thoughts about it!

Have you heard of the Korean brand Half Moon Eyes before? Well, it was alien to me until Althea Philippines sent me one to try during their second birthday. I wasn't able to find much other than they originate from Korea, they focus on new and innovative ingredients that will give their users satisfactory results and that they create insanely fun designs for their packaging!


This product claims to be an 8 in 1 mask pack which focuses on: pore tightening, cooling effect, texture care, hydration, moisturization, nourishment, exfoliation and sebum removal. It contains dragon fruit extract, an internationally patented ingredient which effectively removes excess oils and waste materials without leaving skin dry and it also exfoliates and moisturizes skin. It has Canola Honey Extracts which nourishes and hydrates the skin.

(c) Althea Philippines


This is the reason why I had to research all about this product online. I can't read what's on the packaging since they are all written in Korean. How lucky you are if you can lol. By the way, these masks are also available in sets. I was lucky enough because Althea sent me this 'cause if you try to buy online they are only available in sets of 3s or 6s.

The packaging is, overall, cute and attractive but come to think of it, it's not very sanitary to use. Why? Once you peel the seal open, you can no longer reseal it back. One capsule pack contains 10ml of product inside and of course, my face isn't huge enough to find areas where I can apply the excessive amount on. Because I can't empty the capsule in one use, I have to keep the rest and wait for the next day. The best thing to do is to consume the product as soon as possible so the mask won't dry up and won't be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Tip: Don't completely remove the seal if you don't plan to use everything. If you are, feel free to apply the remaining amount on other parts of your body which you want to give some nourishing treat such as neck or body.


The mask comes in cute blush pink shade and the texture's very rich and creamy. It has tiny particles on which also works as scrub or exfoliators for my skin. After cleansing my face, I tried spreading the product on bare, dry skin and it was a huge mistake for I figured out that this product hardens fast. What you need to do is to thoroughly wet your face with water and apply appropriate amount of mask on. It is advisable to let it sit on the face for 10 minutes before you rinse it off, but it wouldn't take that long for it would be fully dried in a matter of few minutes. Standing in front of the air conditioner will also hasten the drying process and enhances the cooling sensation this mask gives which I highly recommend. Not only it will help us save time during our insanely busy lives, it will also gives skin a more refreshed and healthy feeling.


It has an amazing fruity scent, smells exactly like dragon fruit. Because it is heavily-fragranced, others may find this a little bit overwhelming but I like it as is.

Left: Newly applied mask
Right: Once it dries up


There's a cooling and slight tingling sensation once you apply this mask on your face. This is nothing to worry about for its tolerable and for me, it's very refreshing. It is so convenient to use and fun to apply because of its lingering scent. It doubles up as scrub so I don't have to scrub away dead skin cells prior to using this just to make my skin absorb most of the nutrients it gives.

What I like about this product is the instant brightening effect it gives after rinsing off the product. My skin looks healthy and well-hydrated as well. It did not dry out my skin nor cause any unbearable painful feeling or signs of adverse reactions. Also, I feel like my pores has been cleansed deep down, resulting to smooth and soft texture of skin.

Can you spot the particles?
The photo below shows my skin after rinsing off the product. All I did to the photo was crop it. My skin has significantly turned radiant, dewy and glowing! It didn't dry up my whiteheads after three use but I like how it gently get rid of dead skin cells and rough spots.


I like Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Wash Off Mask and the next time I drop by Althea Philippines, I plan to hoard some. I highly recommend this product to everyone who are looking for fruity-scented masks that is so easy and convenient to use and would really make a difference in the overall appearance of the skin instantly. It is so affordable and you're close to getting Korean complexion!

Have you tried Half Moon Eyes Pink Fruity Wash Off Mask? Any thoughts? Happy blogging!


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