Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jeunesse Anion Millenial Fair

Last September 13, Jeunesse Anion invited me to a Millenial Fair happened at Garden Rooms, Marriot Hotel Manila. I was hesitant to pay a visit at first 'cause I haven't been to an event where bloggers unite. I wasn't that even outgoing enough to interact with fellow bloggers 'cause I always had this inferiority complex. Why not? I don't write really well and I am still yet to learn more about designing my blog (I am not satisfied with my template), SEO and stuff. I have still a long way to go.

Long story short, I realized that I have to take a step forward and grow as a blogger. This might even open doors for more opportunities and I wouldn't know how it feels to be interacting with fellow bloggers had I not come. It was really fun attending the event, very fulfilling to see familiar faces and bring out the fan girl in me.

Jeunesse Anion is known for their sanitary napkins which effectively prevent bacteria, reduce feminine discomfort and eliminate odor--which is what women who are always on-the-go need!

The event started before 12:00 PM I think 'cause we're waiting for more guests. No one can blame them though since the weather's really terrible. I, in fact, wasn't supposed to come since I was afraid I'd end up getting wet from the storm but thank goodness weather permitted!

Millenial Fair was hosted by Jeanine Tsoi, the famous UAAP courtside reporter. The talk done by the gynecologist, Ms. Faith Suluen, was really informative for she tackled more about proper hygiene and reproductive health. Ms. Nicole Romero ( talks about beauty and wellness, on the other hand, which interests me most. Why not? I am a beauty blogger myself lol! Her sister, Ms. Camille Romero, a holistic health coach, highlights health and fitness and even shared some delicious home-made recipes to keep the body healthy and fit. I think I'll do the red pesto soon lol.

We were served with delicious food from rice to korean food and viants to freshly-cooked pasta for hungry tummies like mine! Chef cooked the food on the spot, performing the teppanyaki method of cooking, and even asked each of us what ingredients did we want. Me, who's not really good in cooking, just chose sauteed garlic with mushroom and cheese to sauce my pasta without even really thinking what my food would taste like lol. I ended up enjoying my meal though.

I was already full by the time I finished my plate of garlic and mushroom pasta with potato salad and kimchi. Gaaah! Potato salad is heaven!

The highlight of the event was the Q & A session with Jeanine Tsoi and Christine Patrimonio, the newest ambassador of Jeunesse Anion and who was famous for being an multi-awarded tennis player. There, we learned more about how she and her sister started as well as their lifestyle being a sports lovers.

Here are some selfies taken by Diane. Thank you for taking photos of me here! I never thought I'd get some perfect selfies lol.

And of course, I didn't miss the chance to have a selfie with Genzel, Christine and Diane! So nice meeting all these gorgeous people! 

And here's the stuff I brought home after the event. Looks like I'll have one year of supply of sanitary napkins lol. And thank you so much to all generous sponsors who made this event possible: Clara Ole, Jergens, Caronia, etc.

I am sorry I have lots of photos uploaded, I don't know which ones to post so. Anyway, it was, overall, a really fun and educating event. I learned a lot about beauty and wellness and I'm looking forward to more Jeunesse Anion events! For more information about them, visit their social media accounts!

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